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Application Development

For small businesses, a mobile application is the best way to provide enhanced customer communication.

But the market is stagnant whereas it should be bustling with options, This has led to the belief that there are companies that want to invest in an application but the logistics are lacking.

Why Should You As A Small Business Invest In A Mobile Application

Mobiles are the future. This is a simple truth. As the fastest growing form of communication device, everything from the big organizations

Difference between Wireframes and Mockups: appsmaven — LiveJournal

In this advanced generation, the importance of web designing has reached a new height, and every bit of scene we all see is computed with the help of it. The update and the progress in this sector have brought new web designing software that is known as Wireframes. There are several advantages of…

Capture Attention through Colour Psychology

With luck, the advertisements that are advancing your app will reach out and get people’s consideration. Ideally, once guests are on its landing page, they’ll appreciate your app’s esteem recommendation and promptly download it.

Stop The Use of Classes in Javascript to Become a Better Developer

Object-oriented programming had been ruling as a standard in the field of software engineering for years. The complete development process was dominated

The Checklist of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has seen a huge success in promoting the business of both start-ups and global brands. It promises you an appropriate platform to reach new audiences

UX Tools Matter Less But Your Work Matters More

The love of tools for any UX designer is inexplicable. With several releases of new tools every year, you must not slip your hold to the latest or shiniest.

Smart Homes in 2020 - A Home Transformation Guide - ReadWrite

A guide to turn your regular home into a smart home. This guide covers the basic items you would need to get started at minimum investments. Turn it on.

Differences between a dedicated server and cloud server

Almost every business today relies upon a fully functioning website that requires the host to maintain constant uptime, which is cost-effective and has lightning-fast loading speeds. Choosing an…

Stop Phrase and Broad Match Modifier Keywords from Unnecessarily Spending On The Close Variant With This Script

A recent upgrade of Google’s algorithm has completely transformed the way keywords were recognized. Contents having keywords with extended similar meanings for the different variants of the same word…

Interested in Building a Food Delivery App?

Ordering food from the comfort of your home is so much easier with mobile apps. This article discusses essential steps in building a food delivery app.


Event handling involves the study of the triggering mechanism of an underlying activity to carry out the task performance. Out of a variety of forms of an android event, it generates a response to external action. One such common example of input events includes user interaction with the mobile touch screen. Android Ev

Apps Maven - Mobile App Development Company: Should you use Negative margins in CSS?

Out of all the CSS concepts that the designers have ever utilized, an award likely has to be given to the utilization of Negative Edges as being the foremost least talked about the strategy of situating. It’s like an internet taboo and everyone’s doing it, however, no one needs to have a conversation about it.

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