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DigiLeap CA

DigiLeap, a Toronto, Montreal, Oakville, Canada based digital marketing company offering services like SEO, Content wiring, Infographic marketing, Wordpress development, Website maintenance, Back office operation for small businesses.

TEN Fundamental SEO Techniques That Every Webmaster Know In 2020

Search engine optimization can definitely seem complicated at the start of a digital marketing campaign. After all, major companies like Microsoft and Google employ some of the best brains in the industry to make their search engine algorithms as effective as possible. Hence, it’s quite natural for you to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the SEO-friendly recommendations made by experts at the beginning of a campaign.

7 Proven Tips To Create A Sound Lead Generation Strategy -

Lead generation has always been an integral part of digital marketing. But lately, this has been a problem because of questionable ingenuity in lead quality. Yes, fake leads are a problem. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be turned into a part of the solution. Having a sound lead generation strategy is the key to generating revenue in the long run. Here are a few tips that may come in handy for you.

Owning a small business? You need an expert Digital Marketing Agency

Before discussing the prospects of digital media, its impact on today’s market, or why this new trend is taking the entire world by stride, let’s first understand what digital marketing is all about. The concept of digital media marketing has become an indispensable ingredient for any business establishment in order to aid in promoting their products and services to fetch a larger client base. Though digital marketing is advised for all types of business, yet small or medium business establishments have fetched excellent outcomes by using the concept.

SEO Marketing Strategy 2020

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Exclusive tips to know where your digital marketing dollars are invested

Whether you have a big or small business, it is useless unless it fetches you a good profit. There is a common saying that a businessman never invests money in his or her business from home but reinvests the profit earned from the business.

Top FIVE 2020 Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks

Digital marketing is considered the lifeline of any startup. If you want to grow your business in this competitive market, you just have to put a substantial amount of effort into digital marketing to increase your reach among your target audience.

How To Save Your Underperforming Google Adword Campaign

Unless you have audited your account, you would not be able to highlight these problems for sure. So, here are a few tips, as recommended by an expert SEO agency in Toronto, to conduct a thorough account audit.

Link Building guide for positive SEO Results

Link building has always been a part and parcel of search engine optimization. When done correctly, the practice can generate quick and positive results that can benefit the campaign in the long run. The key is to generate quality backlinks. The higher the quality, the more is the potentials of generating quality results from the SEO point of view. Here we will discuss a few ways through which can generate effective backlinks for your designated. But before that, let’s see what exactly is backlinking?

How Can Digital Marketing Help To Leverage SEO

SEO is proved to be the most important way for generating substantial website traffic. All the companies going digital are adopting SEO strategies that are cost-effective. The search engine algorithms are changing constantly and hence, any digital marketing agency in Toronto is focusing more on SEO to increase brand awareness.

How to adapt your marketing during the Covid-19 crisis

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How To Create The Perfect Presentation For Your Webinar

Webinars are considered a powerful medium to deliver content over the internet or through any other medium across various learning groups, be it large or small.

How To Create A Beautiful And SEO-Friendly Real Estate Website

Thinking about creating a responsive website for your real estate business? Look no further. Here are a few tips as recommended by pro digital marketing agencies in Toronto to create a beautiful and SEO-friendly real estate website in a few simple steps.

How is Coding Used in Data Science & Analytics

In recent years the phrase “data science” has become a buzzword in the tech industry. The demand for data scientists has surged since the late 1990s, presenting new job opportunities and research areas for computer scientists. Before we delve into the computer science aspect of data science, it’s useful to know exactly what data science is and to explore the skills required to become a successful data scientist.

How To Create The Best Reader-Friendly Content For Your CMS

Creating a mind blowing content is no mean feat. Plenty of effort and systematic planning is required to create a 100% original article devoid of any error.

How to make compelling marketing presentations

The presentation has immense importance in marketing and business development. Check out the PPT and showcase your marketing strategy and highlight your data.

How To Create Content That Drives In Targeted Organic Traffic?

The digital marketing world is filled with multiple variables, but we can agree on a single fact. Content is the king.

How To Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Being a millennial, I can say that I have witnessed the birth of social media quite closely and effectively. The platform that was meant to bring friends together online has exploded into a massive world of digital marketing.

How A Professional Digital Marketing Campaign Can Help SMBs In Toronto

A digital presence for any business is essential. While brick and mortar businesses still hold good, but an online presence elevates their status and profit considerably.

Video Storytelling in Social Media Marketing: What You Should Know

We live in a world that is so populated with information that a bit more sprinkling over the top would result in a toppling over of massive proportions.

Pro Tweaks from Professional Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

With the rising popularity that social media has garnered over the years, businesses are increasingly building a presence on these platforms.

SEO best practices to increase your page speed

Follow these tips to optimize your page speed and boost your traffic and conversation rate. Learn how it affects the performance and how to improve it to boost your SEO.

4 Key SEO Tips from Pro Digital Marketing Company In Toronto For Better SEO Of Your CMS Website

There are benefits as well as risks of using a CMS for SEO. In this article, we’ll discuss the best SEO practices for using a CMS as recommended by a pro digital marketing agency in Toronto.

How To Create a Successful Online Marketing Campaign as Recommended a Pro Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto

The Internet has scooped up a large chunk of the limelight in the business sector. Owing to the rapid advancement of technology, businesses nowadays focus on the digital world to move towards success.

How to build your brand and business from scratch on Facebook

Can your Facebook fans easily distinguish you from your competitors? Your Facebook page should look serious and be representative of your brand, business, or whatever it is you want to promote. Read PPT and these following tips can help.