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Marvel at Margaret Thatcher - the outsider who beat the system - Telegraph

The magnificence of Thatcher was her adamantine refusal to accept the conventional wisdom of her age. When she became premier in 1979, almost everybody who mattered accepted it as fact that Britain was finished. Almost everyone believed that the unions - the new feudal barons - were in control, and there was nothing to be done about it.

Legel Law Advice

Further evidence in the history of the Law of Attraction can be found in the King James version of the Bible. We see that Job may not have fully understood the workings of Attraction, however like many people today he suffered the Consequences of the law by not using it for his good.

Jmr Gifts And Designs | Gifts & Craft Online

Creating a new gift basket can be much like a writer staring at a blank piece of paper. Overcoming the initial vacuum of creating something from nothing is often the hardest part. Yet it needn't be.

Margaret Thatcher left a dark legacy that has still not disappeared

The first time I met Margaret Thatcher, I swear she was wearing gloves. The place was her office at the Department of Education, then in Curzon Street. Maybe my memory is fanciful. Perhaps she had just come inside. But without any question, sitting behind her desk, she was wearing a hat.

The Iron Lady's Sex Appeal

In the preemie days of the Internet, I edited a (now defunct) Washington publication called The Women's Quarterly, published by The Independent Women's Forum. One of our regular features (if being published in a "quarterly" can be called regular by today's standards) was a column called "The Token Man," written by a different male contributor each issue.

Margaret Thatcher: the villain of political pop

Protest songs thrive on combat. Complicated policy details may cause the songwriter's pen to freeze but larger-than-life politicians who polarise opinion enable the ink to flow. It is striking that, despite all the frustration and ferment of the punk era, nobody wrote a memorable song about Jim Callaghan.

Thatcher, Chandraswami and I

How a future Prime Minister of Britain warmed to the godman with an Indian diplomat playing the reluctant translator India House is among the better known diplomatic establishments in London. I first set eyes on the imposing building in 1952, when I was a student at Cambridge University.

What Margaret Thatcher Can Teach Hillary Clinton

In her remarkable life, Margaret Thatcher achieved what Hillary Rodham Clinton still wants (or at least what the pundits say she wants): She became the first female leader of her country, and she did it in such a determined way that her sex was almost an afterthought.

I thought she'd bitten Mitterrand: Margaret Thatcher's diplomacy had verve and vigour aplenty, but passengers needed ...

By Charles Powell PUBLISHED: 18:38 EST, 8 April 2013 | UPDATED: 20:58 EST, 8 April 2013 For the diplomatic world, the arrival of Margaret Thatcher in No.10 Downing Street in 1979 was akin to a tornado. The same willpower which enabled her to make significant changes in Britain was energetically applied to the wider world.

She made many of us feel unwelcome in our own land | The Times

(£) The sour, sectarian side of Mrs Thatcher obscured the fact she was often right It was one thing to be doing the Thatchering, it was another to be the Thatched. I was 24 when Maggie became PM, 36 when she departed, and most of that time felt like a stranger in my own country.

For Margaret Thatcher, few tears shed in South Africa

The late British prime minister once labeled Nelson Mandela's political group a terrorist organization. Three years after Thatcher left office, Mandela became South Africa's first black president.

Anti-Thatcher animus speaks volumes about the isolation and insignificance of the modern Left - Telegraph Blogs

Nothing reveals the impotence of the modern Left more than its anti-Thatcherism. Some will be tempted to see the misjudged joy being expressed by some Leftists today in response to Baroness Thatcher's death as evidence that the Left remains a cocky, swaggering force, always ready to declare class war, even on a day when an [...]