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Sales Training program – Many Large Companies have realized that sales reps have started performing better with high tra

Good training in sales is the only way to improve your company’s sales performance.
Sometimes you may forget to use some stuff or knowledge that you already have hence sales training can help you remember the things and also learn new out of it.

Creating a Service Level Agreements (SLA) For Marketing And Sales Alignment - TechFluenzer

A service-level agreement (SLA) is an agreement that builds up a lot of expectations that one gathering has consented to give another. This contract can exist between a business and its clients, or one office that conveys common support of another division inside that business.

What is the reason behind the clients saying "We have decided to hire another vendor"? - TechFluenzer

Thanks for your time, but we would be moving ahead with someone else” Listening this after investing lot of time and doing hard work to provide everything in the right way to the client for their requirement is a bit disappointing and demotivates you to carry your work with the same energy and enthusiasm.

Steps For Developing a Social Media Strategy - TechFluenzer

"Why do you need a Social media strategy?
It would help you shape the conversation, build loyalty, and attract new customers and partners. It should augment other inbound promotional methods like emails. Benefits of a social media strategy:

It helps you expand your other marketing efforts.
It will help you build brand awareness.
It is one of the most powerful drivers for word of mouth.
You can use Social media to attract buyers."

Choose the best CRM and take advantage of it's 7 Benefits to grow your Business - TechFluenzer

Many of the organization still don’t use a CRM or doesn’t use a proper CRM. Customer Relationship Management Software is as important as you need any employee for your company. You can say it is just another employee in your company who handles all important tasks for you. The organizations don’t feel to spend on this software and opts to handle those things manually.

28 Best Sales books that are a must read for learning variety of sales techniques - TechFluenzer

Books are the best way to learn as well as invent something new in every field that you will not find on internet.
Here are some of the best Sales books that are a must read:
“The $100 Startup” by Chris Guillebeau
“See you at the Top” by Zig Zeglar
“The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource” by Jeffrey Gitomer

Must Needed Skills to be a good Sales Person - TechFluenzer

Sales is not that easy job as it looks. What nerds miss is that it takes hard work to make sales look easy. All salesman are actors: their priority is persuasion, not sincerity. Hence being a sales person you must have the qualities mentioned below to bring the work and revenue to a company:

How to effectively launch a new product in the market? - TechFluenzer

Launching a product is not an easy thing and hence you have to create a full-proof plan at every step of production and further implementations.
Following are some guide to follow:
· Plan for core audience
Properly define your target audience by rectifying that who can actually be your stakeholders. By planning and deciding your audience, it will help you to identify and target the people and pitch accordingly. This will not only help you prioritize the audience but will also help you reach out a number of people of particular section who can become your customers.

User-Generated Content and Influencer marketing for growing social media - TechFluenzer

Find out how the right usage of User-Generated Content and Influence marketing can help you grow on Social media and eventually increase the digital sales.When you are on the edge of making a decision for purchasing any items, whom do you trust the most? – A brand or someone in your circle who is already using that product? Of course, we take the recommendations of our friends and dear ones rather than an unknown brand for buying things. And that is where the logic of User-Generated content on social media comes into the picture.

Website at

The results of everything you do in social media, ranging from protecting your reputation, building brand awareness and loyalty, retaining and satisfying customers, and directly earning or saving revenue is all about Social Media ROI returns.

Struggling to find an appropriate Co-founder for your Startup? Here's the solution! - TechFluenzer

Finding and getting an ideal business partner or startup co-founder is really frustrating and crucial part for any organization, that’s why online platforms has taken this burden on their heads to make everyone’s problem easy. A co-founder is the first person to enter with you in your startup with whom you would plan everything further to make your company successful. Hence it really depends on the person (co-founder) and his capabilities and thinking to take forward the things in a correct path as some irrelevant person can just ruin your startup with their incapability.

14 Best Zero Funding Startup ideas that are worth adopting - TechFluenzer

You just need great inter personal connection with lots of people to easily reach out the sellers and buyers and get good brokerage in helping them meet each other. Now a day the brokers have started on dealing on other things as well like cars, home furniture, Land Property, Shops, etc.