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Updated by Hui Miao Hsueh on May 01, 2020
Headline for Hui Miao's RSJ108 Twitter Engagement
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Hui Miao's RSJ108 Twitter Engagement

My Biggest Takeaway from #RSJ108

This quote from Nora Roberts sums up what I've learned in JOUR 108 (Media Design) in this semester.
#Nevada #Reno #JimmyJohns

A Piece of Advice for Future Student of RSJ 108

My tip for future students of #RSJ108: Don't be afraid to break the rules.

Tweet by Hui Miao(@HuiMiaoHsueh)

These are the #posters I submitted for @amplifier's Global Open Call for Art. As a #photoshop #beginner, I can say I'm proud of my work.

Thanks @markaustinpayne and @micaela_imsdahl for your feedbacks! :)

#RSJ108 @DisruptiveDESGN

COVID-19 Visual Campaign

We can never be too careful when it comes to the #coronavirus.

#StayAtHome #StayHomeForNevada #facemasks #RSJ108 @markaustinpayne

Type as Image

This assignment combines the skills of using a character, clipping path and gradient, searching stock images and a little bit of imagination ;-)

I miss having games to watch 😭 So I made this image for my project of #RSJ108 using #Illustrator and #clippingpath.

Reno Downtown -- Practicing the Rule of Thirds

The view of Reno downtown

Practicing #photography for the photo essay of my experience in #Quarantine. Thanks @calvertphoto for inspiring us with your lecture and professional work!

#RSJ108 @markaustinpayne @DisruptiveDESGN

Taiwan Helps Fight COVID-19 -- Breaking News Image Tweet

"#Taiwan is willing to contribute our capabilities to better protect human health around the world,” President @iingwen said. Read how the gov't can help fight #coronavirus in @ForeignPolicy's article:

Photo credit: BBC
#RSJ108 @markaustinpayne

FaceTime with My Friend from RSJ108!

A phone call with a friend lightens up your day! My new popcorn buddy @micaela_imsdahl said she missed school and, like many of us, dreaded the thought of stepping on a weight scale during this crazy period. 🤣

#RSJ108 @markaustinpayne (We miss our lab!)

Ten Secrets of Creativity by Austin Kleon

In his book "Steal Like An Artist," @austinkleon listed this as one of the 10 secrets of creativity. "Choose what to leave out," he added.

I think no one has done better than Bong Joon-Ho's movie #Parasite. If you know, you know. 🤣

#RSJ108 @markaustinpayne

A Quote from Maria Sharapova

Last month, five-time grand slam winner @MariaSharapova announced her retirement from #tennis. For over two decades she has taught us to be strong, tough and passionate about the things we love.

Wish you a great life ahead!

#RSJ108 @markaustinpayne #retirement

Taiwan's Peace Memorial Day' -- Tweet with Gradient

February 28, 1947. Violent suppression by government forces led to the massacre of tens of thousands of citizens in #Taiwan.

This image with #gradient is dedicated those who fought hard and sacrificed to bring democracy and freedom of speech in Taiwan. #RSJ108 #peace




I used #colorpalette from #Adobe and created this image for #vectors. It’s the perfect place to find inspiration.

But I suck at the Bezier Game! Couldn’t even draw a heart with #pentool 👻

#RSJ108 @markaustinpayne

The Color Dilemma That Every Designer Faces

Me when I try to pick a color for my #RSJ108 #businesscard challenge:

Shaping Color

Learned about color and visual communication during the second week of the semester in #RSJ108. Coooool.

@markaustinpayne #JOUR108 #design #pablo