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Ebooks formatted by Ebook Launch

A list of some of the ebooks formatted by Ebook Launch.

Smashwords - Ceaseless - A book by Abbi Glines

Death defied Heaven to keep her. He defeated Hell to save her... but if her souls wants another, will he be able to let her go?

Smashwords - Trigger Point Therapy Workbook for Shoulder Pain including Frozen Shoulder - A book by Valerie DeLaune

75% of pain is caused by trigger points (contracted cells in muscle), but they are drastically under-diagnosed. Over 74% of trigger points are not located in the area where you feel pain, so treating the muscles in the area of pain does not resolve the problem most of the time.

Smashwords - Into the Fire - A book by Linda Davies

After being run out of her job in a London investment firm, Helen Jenks travels to the jungles of Peru in hopes of finding out what happened to her father. Though everyone in London believes he ran off with millions from the bank at which he used to be director, Helen knows there is another reason for her father's disappearance.

Cozy Cat Sam and His Feline Family

Available in: NOOK Book (eBook). Cozy cat Sam and mommy cat Mittens now have a little of three cozy cat kittens. Sam's days of taking cat naps are over. Will Sam be able to keep up with his litter of curious kittens?

Smashwords - Online Dating Success -a book by Neil Wood

Online Dating Success will teach you how to present yourself in the best light in order to maximize a positive online dating experience. Neil teaches you how to create an attractive and compelling profile and how to find that nearly perfect match.

Smashwords - Varney the Vampire: A Literary Remix - A book by GalleyCat

Varney the Vampire: A Literary Remix By Rating: Not yet rated. Published: Dec. 19, 2012 Words: 165,543 (approximate) Language: English ISBN: 9781301952861 Short description A crew of dedicated GalleyCat readers remixed a single page from Varney the Vampire-a bestselling vampire novel from the 19th Century filled with enough star-crossed romance, vampire action and purple prose to inspire another Twilight trilogy.

Smashwords - A Car With Immortal Green Lights - A book by Harry O'Toole

Two young friends return home after serving in World War II. One has been traumatized by the horrors he endured. His friend is disturbed by his condition. To offset this torment, the pair form a pack to engage in exploits that mimics the adventures of comic book heroes

Smashwords - The Other Side of Me - A book by YVONNE STEWART

Malcolm Williamson a well known Minister of the church, has everything going for him. He was sauve, handsome and loved by all who comes in contact with him. But years of suppressed abuse from his step-mother and neglect from his father emerged after his father died,he learned his brother and sister is not his blood siblings, and his only daughter belong to another man.

Smashwords - Hired To Kill - A book by Brian K. Carr

A mysterious woman with no past mistakes Colin O'Brien for a famous assassin. That Saturday morning at a coffee shop in Southern California was the wrong place and wrong time for him to look like such a man, as she approaches and offers him a million dollar contract.

Smashwords - Sole to Soul - A book by Cheryl Chanaud

An entertaining variety of short stories of a life-long hiker and lover of the mountains. Funny or sad or interesting.

Smashwords - Tanzi's Ice - A book by C.I. Dennis

Vince Tanzi returns to his home state of Vermont in this fast-paced sequel to "Tanzi's Heat." This time it's mid-January and everything is ice-cold-including the body of his estranged father, who has been murdered in his bed. Follow Vince across the Green Mountain State as he attempts to find the killers- before they kill him, too.

Smashwords - Invisible Powers - Loose Yourself And Run - A book by Jaden Mars

Uncover hidden areas of supernatural power which influence & govern you. Two powerful forces exposed & their direct conflict with one another; God and Satan. A 3rd, the Christian, has available power just waiting to be used. Learn to recognize the voice of all three powers & discover how to walk in & exercise the gift of discernment.

Smashwords - Dance For A Dead Princess - A book by Deborah Hawkins

Nicholas Carey, 18th Duke of Burnham, encounters beautiful New York Attorney Taylor Collins in his search for a video tape left by Diana, Princess of Wales, naming her assassins. Soon Taylor is caught up in the centuries old story of the Careys as she is forced to confront the mystery of Diana's death, her feelings for Nicholas, and whether he, too, has committed murder.

Smashwords - Hitler Stopped by Franco - A book by Burt Boyar

The amazing, untold story of how Generalísimo Francisco Franco, Caudillo of Spain, out-negotiated Adolf Hitler and aided the Allies in winning World War II.

Smashwords - Come, Follow Me - A book by Gary Harding

Come Follow Me, asks pastors, leaders and Christians everywhere to re-think their ministry priorities. Too often we spend most if not all our resources and time on ourselves. We tend to forget that the mission of Jesus was to save the lost and bring them back into relationship with God.

Smashwords - The Happiness Paragraph - A book by David Alway

Organize, harmonize, and achieve your own happiness! This book is about redirecting your life to focus on those key issues that increase your happiness.

Smashwords - Whyology - A book by Tellal Jomha

This book will change the way you look at people and the world forever. It will change the way you see the behavior of others and alter the way you behave toward them. It will shed light on actions and processes you didn't really think about before, and you will see more deeply into everything around you, into the universal activity that is always humming away.

Smashwords - After the Bang - A book by Rik Zendal

A satirical journey through religious history. From the Genesis creation myth to the Egyptian plagues and the mad commandments of Moses. The New Testament brings us to Jesus and his crucifixion and mythical resurrection. The persecution of Gnostics and the burning of heretics would lead to the bloody Crusades and the Cathar genocide.

Smashwords - Invisible Scars - A book by Burt Boyar

Invisible Scars is a novel set in Texas and Spain. It is the story of a beautiful, wealthy Texas girl, America Harvey, who suffers a personal tragedy, the needless death of her five year old daughter.

Smashwords - The Snowsantas Find the Christmas Spirit - A book by Janice Alonso

Pastor Steve is upset . . . someone stole the Baby Jesus from the Nativity Scene in front of his church. As if that wasn't bad enough, his congregation has lost its Christmas Spirit. Can two snowmen, magically transformed by the Santa outfits Pastor Steve places on them, find the Christ Child before Christmas Eve?

Smashwords - Sweet and Tweet - A book by Kamon

Sweet and Tweet is a new highly illustrated "less than 500 word story". Kamon has written a humorous story for adults about "emotional growth" seen through the eyes of a bird couple. Read it while waiting for your children, husband, wife or partner...a master piece for its short length, Sweet and Tweet will make you smile, reflect and want to read more picture books for grownups.

Smashwords - The Specialist The Costa Rica Job - A book by Charles Peterson Sheppard

The last place The Specialist wants to be is in Costa Rica, the site of his first-ever botched mission. But when young, beautiful Mimi Sabo drops a fat check on his desk, all bets are off. The girl's rich father has been kidnapped, and she needs The Specialist to save the day.

Smashwords - Time of Death - A book by Lystra Books & Literary Services

The true story of murder and injustice . . . On Christmas Eve, 1963, a young woman is murdered in her apartment in Chapel Hill, NC. Her husband is accused and his search for justice lasts two years and echoes through generations of two families.

Smashwords - Broken Roads - A book by Crystal James

Three months passed Ashleigh suffered a broken heart. Court continues to wait for Ashleigh's to heal, but gets frustrated with her. Ashleigh finds refuge in the arms of Kelso's twin which only leads Court back into an old habit that no one around him likes. Meanwhile, Heidi and J.T.

Smashwords - Reckoning - A book by Molly M Hall

Seventeen-year-old Kat Matheson has a secret: She can see and hear the dead. It is an unwanted ability she has been able to ignore-until now. When events take an unexpected and violent turn, she may be forced to confront her worst fears and the powerful curse that controls her destiny.