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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 5 Tips for dangerous animals in the Maldives – Live and let live; the guide to living wild
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5 Tips for dangerous animals in the Maldives – Live and let live; the guide to living wild

The Maldives isn't a place where dangerous animals lurk – at least not on land. But you'll be spending most of your holiday in the sea and there are a few marine animals you should watch out for.


Never touch the animals

The world beneath the waves is miraculous and it is easy to lose a sense of the real world when diving in such an amazing location as the Maldives. It is very important to constantly be aware of your surroundings and to realise that regardless of how beautiful it maybe – you are in the wild and the animals you come across are not tamed and can be unpredictable. To avoid any needless situations simply enjoy the wonders of nature from afar. Avoid touching the marine life or corals – you can never know who or what is hiding among them. Any resort of good Maldives family resorts of repute such as the world-famous Hard Rock Hotel Maldives would have dive instructors who give you a few pointers on what to do and what not to do before you step in the ocean.


Don't look them in the eye

Many of the species that you find in and around the reefs can be highly territorial and not like your presence in their 'home'. And upon meeting your gaze some species tend to lock eyes and this can become a bit unnerving given the underwater setting. So to avoid the discomfort simply avoid looking into the eyes of the fish and marine creatures.


Whales and dolphins

Both these species are generally very friendly towards humans and pose very little threat, however, if you see a group swimming next to your boat – resist the urge to jump in and swim with them and instead appreciate their majesty from the safety of your craft. Sharks have been known to follow pods of dolphins and whales targeting the young animals in the group. It wouldn't be the first time a shark mistook a human for a meal. There haven't been any reports of shark attacks in the Maldives however who wants to go into the history books as the first.



Urchins are very common among the reefs of the Maldives – they have a poisonous spine which has quite a strong-venom. Stepping on one of these creatures will not kill you but will cause a lot of pain and this can be dangerous while you're in the water. The locals have remedies which can resolve the pain and swell within a day, however stepping on an urchin can ruin your holiday so keep your eyes open.



Moray eels are another species that hide amongst the reef. Local folklore says that a moray bite can persist hurting the victim for years to come. These critters are hesitant to attack but only come out of their home to hunt so if you see one on the prowl steer clear.