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Insurance- Educational Video & Post

We provide all kind of General and Life insurance in India
Given insurance we offer:
1. #MotorInsurance
2. #HealthInsurance
3. #TravelInsurance
4. #HomeInsurance
5. #LifeInsurance
6. #MarineInsurance
7. #FireInsurance
8. #TermInsurance



Insurance From Home

Insurance From Home

We provide all kind of General and Life insurance in India
Given insurance we offer:
1. #MotorInsurance
2. #HealthInsurance
3. #TravelInsurance
4. #HomeInsurance
5. #LifeInsurance
6. #MarineInsurance
7. #FireInsurance
8. #TermInsurance



Get Health Insurance in Affordable Rates

Get Health Insurance in Affordable Rates

Are you really thinking about your family's future?
If yes then Buy Health Insurance now and cover your family against #covid19

Get Health Insurance in Affordable Rates Visit:

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This is your chance to stretch

This is your chance to stretch

This is your chance to stretch flex & get back into shape

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Cover Yourself & Your Family Against CoronaVirus

Problems Faced at the Time of Taking Insurance & Insurance Claim | MyFairPolicy

Many of you facing different problems at the time of insurance claim. Watch this video for what to do at the time of insurance claim. You can ask anything regarding insurance policy in comment box.

We will definitely provide you helpful answer for your query.

#InsuranceClaims #InsuranceAdvisor #FreeInsuranceConsultant

Five Steps of Choosing a Right Insurance Policy

5 Steps of Choosing a Right Insurance Policy

Step 1 ► Identify your Risk and Needs.
Step 2 ► Calculate your Risk and Coverage Required.
Step 3 ► Analyze Compare Insurance Plans.
Step 4 ► Understand the Terms & Conditions of the Policy.
Step 5 ► Seek Advice from Insurance Brokers.
#RightInsurancePolicy #InsuranceAdvisor #InsuranceBrokers
In case you feel you are facing a similar situation.

8 Types of Death that are Not Covered in Term Insurance Policy

In this video, we are presenting 8 types of Death that are not covered in Term Insurance Policy & eight types of Deaths in which Insurance Company rejects the Insurance Claim.
#DeathCovers #LifeInsurancePolicy #PolicyCovers

8 Types of Death

1) Death of Policyholder due to HIV Aids
2) Death of Policyholder under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs
3) Death of Policyholder by participating in Hazardous Activities such as Adventure Sports like Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Motor Car Racing etc
4) Death of a Policyholder due to Pregnancy or Childbirth
5) Death of a Policyholder due to Murder by his/her nominee, by involvement of nominee in the murder of the Policyholder or by Policyholder's involvement in any Criminal Activity
6) Death of a Policyholder due to not disclosing the Habit of Smoking
7) Death of a Policyholder due to Natural Disaster like Earthquake, Tsunami
8) Death of a Policyholder due to Suicide

How MWP Act Secure Your Wife & Child Future? - Biggest and Costliest Mistake While Buying Term Inc.

What are the biggest and the costliest mistake you all do while buying a Term Insurance Policy? While buying a term insurance policy, nobody selects the option of buying an insurance policy under the MWP Act (Married Women Property Act).

#MPWAct #PolicyUnderMVW #InsuranceAdvisor

Not Declaring Correct and Complete Details - Biggest & Costliest Mistake While Buying Term Insurance

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Don't Buy Insufficient Term Insurance Cover - Biggest and Costliest Mistake while buying Term Ins.

The biggest and costliest people do at the time of purchasing the term insurance policy is choosing a lower sum assured just to keep premium amount low or they don't know how to select the right sum assured.

#TermInsuranceCover #TermInsurance #TermInsurancePolicy
Well, everyone might talk about a 1 crore term is cool to buy, but will 1 crore be enough after 20 years from now? Many people fail to consider our lifestyle, spending habits, our liabilities such as home loans, car loans, other personal loans, and not to forget the inflation which is growing on an average of 6% to 7% every year.

Moreover, we should also consider future expenses like children’s education, marriage and retirement needs of the spouse while choosing the appropriate sum assured

Ignoring Riders offered by Life Insurance Co. - Biggest & Costliest Mistake while buying term Ins.

The biggest and costliest mistake people do at the time of purchasing the term insurance policy is that they don't opt for necessary riders and settle for Death cover only. In certain life insurance companies, if you buy term insurance online, it does not cover for certain riders such as Terminal illness and Waiver of premium in case of permanent total disability.

#LifeInsurance #InsuranceOffers #InsurancePolicy

Do you know how important these riders are ?? In case of a terminal illness, if you are diagnosed with an end-stage illness that is not curable and are expected to die within 12 months, the insurance company pays out a lump sum amount to the policyholder. Similarly in case of waiver of premium, if the insured is permanently disabled due to accident, the insurance company waives off all the future insurance premiums of the term insurance policy and the insurance policy continues till the term opted by you.

Another very important rider that the insured must opt for is Accidental Death. If the policyholder dies due to accident then, he.she would be getting the additional sum assured on top of the basic sum assured.

Similarly one can also opt for permanent and partial disability, wherein the insurance company would pay you the sum assured opted at the time of buying insurance policy in case you are permanently and partially disable due to accident.

It is important since the policyholder meets with an that leads to his/her disability, how will they ensure that its family's financial needs are met?

Don't Avoiding Medical Test When Buying a Term Insurance - Biggest and Costliest Mistake

Presenting the 5th biggest and costliest mistakes that people make while buying the term insurance is that they avoid getting their medical test done by the insurance company from where they are buying term insurance.
#MedicalTest #HealthTest #TermInsurance

You all should understand that a complete medical test gives you and your insurance company suitable proof of your current medical condition.

Further it reduces the likelihood of providing incorrect information knowingly or unknowingly ensuring the claim wont be rejected. Also the insurance company may lower your insurance premium and offer higher insurance cover in case you are found to be healthy by them.

Therefore we should not shy away from the medical test and welcome them.


Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Give Yourself a daily dose of fresh air to live a ''Healthy Lifestyle'' #HealthyLifestyle #Stayfit #Freshair #MyFairPolicy #StayHome #StayAlert

Don't Buy Short Term Insurance Policy Before Watching This Video

My Fair Policy - "The Right Insurance Policy Which You Must Have"

In this video, I present the sixth biggest and costliest mistakes that people make while buying the term insurance is that they buy term insurance for a shorter period or term to pay a lesser premium.

#MeriSahiPolicy #InsuranceSpecialist #TermInsurance #InsurancePolicy

Never too Late to Buy a Term Insurance Policy | The Hidden Costs of Procrastination

Hello everyone, Today I'm here with the 7th biggest and costliest mistake people do while buying term insurance. Buying term Insurance Policy very late in life or procrastinating in buying Term Insurance Policy may get much expensive. When people are young, they tend to avoid buying the Term Insurance Policy considering themselves as healthy, fit and without any responsibilities. You all should know that whenever you buy Term Plan too late in life, not only your premium increases but also the sum assured offered to you is decreased. Not only this, but it also becomes difficult for you to pay a huge premium at that time where you are already taking care of a lot of responsibilities. Therefore it is very important to buy Term Insurance at a very young age to get the best benefits or advantages of Term Insurance Policy.

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Why Not to Choose Cheap Term Insurance Plan?

Choose a Suitable Term Life #Insurance Plan, Not the #Cheapest

Why don't buy the cheapest term life insurance plans? In this video, I'm going to tell you lots of factors why we need to avoid the cheapest insurance plans.

It depends on the insurance company’s reputation, customer service response, claim settlement ratio, additional rider details, etc. that you must take into consideration while buying term insurance.

You must not blindly choose the most inexpensive term plan. The cheaper a plan is, the more will be the exclusions while settling claims. See that your plan provides good coverage at an affordable rate. Your assured sum should at least be 8-10 times more than your annual income. Though this may not prove to be sufficient enough for resolving all the financial woes, it will at least handle the immediate crisis at hand and give time to plan for future actions.

Do you think a cheap term plan with a high life cover is enough? Many people just want to save money where ever possible and they just go with this kind of plans without knowing how good the record of this company while settling insurance claims. Always go with the company that has a good claim settlement ratio, a huge number of customers, a good financial background, and an off-course good reputation.

#CheapTermPlan #CheapTermPolicy #CheapLifeInsurance

Aware your family about your term policy, otherwise it could leave them financially unstable

You are purchasing term insurance to safeguard your family financially even when you are not around. So, it will be a huge mistake, if your family is not aware of this plan or its usage. Though they will never be able to bear your loss, But knowledge about your term insurance will help them in overcoming all financial debts. At least, they will not be cash strapped and helpless in those tough times. Is your family aware of what you are going to purchase a term insurance policy? If not then you should tell your family about this policy right now and also educate them on how to use the policy if the situation demands. It will help them to get the necessary benefits for the step you are taking today.

Buying a term insurance policy is not for the benefit of your income tax or just to get a low premium insurance purchase, rather it’s showing your character that you are really worried about your family and planning for their future properly.

Don't Buy Health Insurance Policy in 2020 Before Watching this Video

In this video, we provide you all the information about the Arogya Sanjeevni Health Insurance Policy benefits, features and what is new in it.
#ArogyaSanjeevaniHealthPolicy #ArogyaSanjeevani #HealthPolicy2020

Apollo Munich is Now HDFC ERGO | What will happen to your existing Health Insurance Policy?

In this video we provide you all answer about your search queries.
#HdfcErgo #ApolloMunich #HealthInsurance

How to Protect yourself and your family from #CoronaVirus through Insurance?

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). A novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans. #Coronaviruses are transmitted between animals and people. There are known coronaviruses circulating in animals that have not yet infected humans.

The World Health Organisation has released an official name for the new coronavirus - COVID-19.
#CoronaVirus #NovelCoronavirus #WorldHealthOrganisation #COVID19 #SymptomsOfCoronaVirus #CoronaVirusSymptoms #CoronaVirusChina #CoronaVirusIndia

Term Insurance to become more expensive by March 2020 !!! Do watch this video to know why?

Why Term Insurance to become more expensive in 2020? here's why
A recently-conducted exercise by one large Re-insurer over the last three months suggests that reinsurance premium rates for individual term insurance business need to increase. Re-insurers are the end risk owners of a Term Insurance contract and hence determine the price along with the insurance company which is finally passed on to the customer.

Related Questions:

►Why Term life insurance premium in India likely to go high in 2020?

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What is Open Marine Insurance Policy? An Eye-Opening Video for Manufacturers and Traders

►Are you or your accounts department issuing cheques daily for marine insurance of your consignments ?
►Do you or your sales department wait for the insurance policy before dispatching the goods from your factory or warehouse ?
►Do you or your insurance department check the insurance policy every time before dispatching the goods from your factory or warehouse ?
►Do you or your insurance department negotiate with the insurance provider every time you have to buy marine insurance policy for covering your goods ?
►Have you faced a situation wherein your consignments were dispatched out of your factory without marine insurance ?
►You or your staff waist lot of their daily time in the marine insurance process
►Now to get solutions to all those problems tune into this video till the last.

What is Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses? #Mediclaim

You all must be aware of the fact that you can file for a mediclaim insurance claim through the two processes, namely through Planned Hospitalization and Unplanned Hospitalization wherein either the claim is settled through cashless mode or the claimant file for a re-reimbursement claim to TPA or to the claim department of an insurance company.

But do you know that you are not claiming for the expenses that you did before the hospitalization and after the hospitalization which is related to the treatment that you took in the hospital? In order to know more about what all expenses you should claim from the insurance company and how to claim that tune into our video till the last.

The expenses which i am talking about are called as Pre & Post Hospitalization expenses. So how do we define them.
#MedicalExpenses #MedicalClaim #PreHospitalization #PostHospitalization #PlannedHospitalization #UnplannedHospitalization #prehospitalization #posthospitalization #hospitalizationexpenses #mecalexpenses #mediclaim #healthclaim #healthinsurance #medicalinsurance

Don't Buy Home Insurance Policy Before Watching this Video

Stay tuned with Our My Fair Policy YouTube Channel to know what people do when they buy a home insurance policy and pay high premium rates to Insurance Companies

The Home Insurance Policy does not cover the cost of land. It only pays you for the cost of construction of the house which is arrived at by multiplying the carpet area of the flat with the cost of construction in that city.

If you have any question regarding House Insurance or any other insurance do consult with me I'm Saurabh Khanna call me directly at 8800844910 or follow the given links.

#HouseInsurance #HomeInsurance #HomeInsurancePolicy #HouseInsurancePlans #InsuranceMistakes #HouseProtection

Avoid Huge Losses at the time of Marine Insurance Claim with this Advice

►Were you not fully paid with the insurance claim amount on the goods you imported?
►Were you denied with the expenses of custom duty, freight charges, etc on your marine insurance claim of imported goods?
►Are you confused about what value to choose while ensuring imported goods to India?

The mistake that most of the businesses make is that they do not insure their imported goods on the landing price in India instead they insure their goods on the invoice value only. We need to understand that when any goods are imported to India from any part of the world, they involve certain expenses like Custom duty, Freight Charges and other Incidental Charges such as Port Charges, Custom Clearance charges etc that forms the part of the landing cost.
#BuyMarineInsurance #MarineInsurance #MarineInsurancePolicy #TypesOfMarineInsurance #MarineCargoInsurancePolicy #MarineHullinsurancePolicy #FreightInsurance #LiabilityInsurance #MarineInsurancePolicyTypes

What is the Reason of Motor Insurance Claim Rejection?

In this video, we are present to you one of the most common reasons why Motor Insurance Company can reject or deny a claim for the stolen cars if you don't have all the keys.

#MotorInsuranceClaim #TheftInsuranceClaim #MotorClaimRejection #MotorInsuranceClaimDenied #MotorInsuranceClaimRejection #CarInsuranceClaim #InsuranceClaimRejection