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Updated by Joanna James on Apr 30, 2020
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Top 5 seafood dishes in Phuket – Thai dishes you must try while in Phuket

Phuket has a range of tourist draws, and its beaches are the primary one. However, its cuisine is becoming popular. If you are passing through Phuket, here are top 5 seafood dishes you must try.


Thai fried noodles with prawns and eggs

The popular term for this is Pad Thai. This is one of the most popular dishes you can find not only in Phuket but also in other regions of Thailand. Pad Thai contains the classic Thai flavours, which is why it is considered a quintessential Thai dish. The addition of palm sugar gives it a sweet note while Thai chilli produces the spice kick. Though this can very well be a vegetarian dish, Thais are of the firm belief that Pad Thai is not complete without prawns. A dish of Pad Thai is an inventible part of your dining experience at Phuket restaurants.


Hot and sour prawn soup

Also called Tom Yum Goong, hot and sour prawn soup is a popular dish in Phuket. The most important ingredient is shrimp, and hot chillies give it the spicy flavour; kaffir leaves are another ingredient. The commercial version of Tom Yum is made by crushing all the herb ingredients together and frying them in hot oil. This Thai delicacy is famous so much so that you can find the bottled version of this all around the world. While you are very likely to find this in other Asian countries, no one does it justice better than Thai people.


Red curry with pineapple and prawns

This is the perfect amalgam of sweet and spicy, which is just the way Thai people like it. Also known as Gaeng Hua Sapparot Kap Goong, this curry was originated in Central Thailand. It is just as spicy as other Thai dishes, or it would be if not for the addition of pineapple. Coconut milk is also an ingredient found in this, and it is what gives it the sweet flavour, coconut milk also gives it the rich, creamy texture. While you can use any type of seafood, Thais like to make this with prawns.


Turmeric fried fish

This is an absolutely delightful Thai dish you must try while in Phuket. Turmeric fried fish was originated in Southern Thailand. Like many other dishes found in Southern Thailand, this recipe calls for the addition of turmeric. Turmeric is a ginger-like plant, and it produces a yellow colour. Adding turmeric to any dish is a sure way of making it flavourful; this is why Thais add turmeric when making fried fish. They grind turmeric and garlic together and form a mixture; fish cut into cubes are marinated in this mixture before they are fried in hot oil. You can find fried fish anywhere in Phuket, including the likes of Age Restaurant.


Papaya salad

Papaya salad is a staple dish in Thailand and Phuket. Locals love this dish, especially because it features a unique combination of ingredients; you find garlic, tamarind juice, sugar, lime and fish sauce in it. When it comes to papaya salad, there are regional differences, especially in terms of the seafood used. However, in Phuket, you are likely to find the shrimp version, but if you are lucky, you might also get salted crab. Whatever version you order, if you want a classic Thai dining experience, savouring a bowl of papaya salad is a must. This is healthier than other Thai dishes. Raw papaya is loaded with nutrients; it is also known to cleanse the body and improve the digestive system.