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Things to Do in Xiamen – Explore China’s Garden City!

Xiamen is famously known as the Garden City of China thanks to its spectacular flora and delicate scenery. It is located on the southeast tip of the Fujian Province and is a port city on the sea. Xiamen is considered one of the most comfortable climates in China.


Gulangyu Island

The Sea Garden or Gulangyu Island is located southwest of the city in the sea. It takes about 5 minutes to get there from the city by ferry. The island was first considered in 1842 after the Treaty of Nanking was signed. It is ranked as one of the topmost picturesque locations in Xiamen. It is full of European settlement-type buildings as it was designated a European settlement in 1903. There's plenty to explore on foot all around the island.


Nanputuo Temple

Surrounded by the seas and the peaks of Wulao mountain, Nanputuo Temple is another destination that is often recommended by Xiamen hotels. It was founded by the Tang Dynasty and was populated by monks. You will be able to visit the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Hall of Great Compassion and pavilions that were built over the years to accommodate the meditating religious. It is a treasure for Buddhism and is also great for people who love enjoying the beauty of architecture.


Hulishan Fortress

If you head to the southern coastline of Xiamen Island, Hulishan Fortress has been a guard over the ocean for centuries. It was a designated historic site that is protected by the government. It was constructed by the Qing Dynasty in 1894.


Earth Buildings of Yongding

The most popular tourist attraction, the iconic earth buildings of Yongding are featured in advertisements about Xiamen, particularly in advertisements about hotels like Pan Pacific Xiamen. The Earth Buildings are the homes of the Hakka people who were driven south of the Yellow River during the end of the Tang Dynasty. The buildings are considered a UNESCO World Heritage site with over 4,000 buildings in the vicinity and a cultural village where you can check out homestay options.


Nanjing Earth Buildings

The Nanjing county is home both the Tiianluokeng Tulou Cluster and Hekeng Tulou Cluster of 15,000 earth buildings of various sizes and heights. Most of them are round but there are also sixteen other kinds as well. The biggest one of these is the famous Shuyang Shunyu building that was constructed in 1937. It is a 4 storey structure with 288 rooms. It is a fantastic historic landscape that is excellent to walk around and admire.


Mount Wuyi

The Wuyi mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its spectacular record of biodiversity in south-east China. It is a national park that must be part of your list of you are in Xiamen. The mountain region is a conservation point for various ancient species that are endemic to China. It is a magical town that would not look out of place in a fairytale with four core parts; the Wuyishan National Scenic Area, the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, the Nine Bend Stream Ecological Protection Area and the Ancient Han Dynasty Remains.