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6 Cool Things to Do in Maldives – Entrancing Activities in an Idyllic Setting

If you visit the Maldives you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of cool things to do; these include going snorkelling, exploring the capital Male, visiting an inhabited island, going diving, riding a dhoni, and more.


Go snorkelling

You will find that many Maldives resorts feature their own reefs, which means that it will be very easy and convenient to venture into the waters and experience underwater attractions. In the beautifully clear waters of the Maldives, you will encounter corals, exotic fish and other marine creatures that will entrance the snorkeler. Often, you will be surrounded by schools of vibrantly coloured fish and you may also have the opportunity to encounter sea turtles. Another attraction that you will find when snorkelling, would be the small sharks who feed on the reef fish.


Explore Male

Male, the capital of the Maldives offers a myriad of attractions for the visitor. In this city, you will encounter a number of interesting sightseeing attractions including the Old Friday Mosque which is a captivating place of worship with numerous features of interest. Another popular attraction would be the National Museum, a fascinating establishment that contains an array of artefacts relating to the history and culture of the Maldives. Also, take the opportunity to visit the Fish Market where you will be able to observe an aspect of the traditional way of life of the Maldivians.


Visit one of the inhabited islands

If you truly desire to gain an authentic first-hand insight into the lifestyle of the native people of the Maldives, you will be able to visit one of the islands where the Maldivians make their home. You will see that in many ways the locals live very much in the manner that their ancestors did, except of course with the use of modern technology. You may also have the opportunity to savour local food and enjoy traditional entertainment. In general, you will find that the native Maldivians are friendly and welcoming too.


Go diving

You will find that many of the resorts in Maldives have qualified and skilled divers who will be able to train and prepare you to acquire recognised diving certifications. The Maldives will be a splendid environment for diving as you will find that the waters are pleasantly warm whilst the coral formations and caves are appealingly picturesque. You are likely to encounter many engrossing sea creatures like sweetlips and Napoleon wrasses. An accommodation choice to consider from where you can go diving would be Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives where you can stay in a Maldives beach villa as well.


Take a ride on a traditional dhoni

Another interesting experience in the Maldives would be to undertake a ride on a vessel known as a dhoni, which is a traditional sailing craft that has been used by the native Maldivians for generations. Traditionally, these boats were made using coconut timber but in the present day are built with wood that has been imported, which greatly improves their stability. Many of the dhonis today make use of diesel power, whilst in days gone by they only had sails. A great way to explore the Maldives, a dhoni cruise is particularly popular during sunset.


Go fishing

Fishing will be an engrossing activity in the Maldives as the local waters teem with fish. It will be a captivating experience to head out into the waters on a fishing expedition; you will not only have the opportunity to snare fish but also to keep your catch so that you can grill it and have it for a meal. Interestingly, native Maldivians sometimes catch fish with spears, as they usually are only interested in tuna. On your Maldives fishing excursion, you may have the chance to catch fish in both the Western and local ways.