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Desir Law Firm

Insurance Claim Attorney – Fort Lauderdale

WHEN YOU HAVE AN INSURANCE CLAIM WE FIGHT FOR YOU Fire & Smoke Damage Hurricane Damage Mold Damage Roof Damage Theft & Vandalism Loss Wind Damage Water Damage Much More CALL 954-848-2912 FOR A FREE CONSULTATION Client Success Stories Play Video X Play Video X Play Video

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In a perfect world, when your home or office is damaged, your insurance company would step in and compensate you for the full cost of the claim. Unfortunately, this is not what usually happens.

Smoke Damage Insurance Claim Attorney – Fort Lauderdale

Your home or business has been damaged by fire, and smoke and now you are faced with the overwhelming task of rebuilding and repairing. When fire damages your home or business it can be devastating. You’ve lost your home, or you have lost your livelihood. Even if the damage seems minimal, it can create hazardous, unhealthy conditions for your family or your staff. Smoke residue, namely soot is toxic, and may be hidden inside walls and ductwork, carpets, furniture, electronics and clothing.

Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim Attorney – Plantation

Living in South Florida means that hurricanes are a fact of life. Every season we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. When disaster does strike, Insurance companies send out adjusters quickly and try to settle fast, to the relief of homeowners and business owners, except this isn’t always in the best interest of the policy holder.

Mold Damage Insurance Claim Attorney – Fort Lauderdale

Mold can’t survive without moisture, making air-conditioned environments a perfect breeding ground, especially if your home or business has suffered any kind of water damage. Mold spreads quickly, often in as little as 24-48 hours and can contaminate not only your walls, but your carpets and clothing. When your business is affected mold can infect your business equipment, files and more

Responsibilities of a Fire damage lawyer

When a property or home is damaged by a fire, policyholders often turn to their insurance company to rescue them.Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to reduce their payouts by voiding claims or by offering value far less than the total amount of damages.

Role of a Mold damage lawyer

Mold is a kind of fungus found about anywhere there is enough moisture, lack of airflow, and the ideal temperature to sustain. Most mold are harmless, but some of the them bring certain volatile organic compounds which cause serious injuries after prolonged exposure.

Need to hire Smoke damage attorney

Fires can cause irreversible damage to your property. The flames move from item to item turning everything crispy. The heat produced by the flames radiates causing surrounding items to melt, crack and even shatter.

Insurance Claim and Type of Claim

An insurance claim is a formal request by a policy holder to an insurance company to acquire compensation for a loss covered in the policy. The insurance company validates the claim and once it gets approved, issues payment to the insured person on behalf of the insured.

Property loss claims refer to claims you file with your insurance company to obtain compensation to cover any damages to your property. Your property damage insurance covers property or contents that have been damaged.