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4 Reasons why you should try out teppanyaki cuisine – Things you should know about teppanyaki cuisine

This is a Japanese-style cuisine that uses an iron surface to cook food. Teppanyaki translates to pan-frying, broiling or grilling. The cuisine is influenced by Western and Eastern flavours.


Teppanyaki cuisine is a fairly new method

You might get the idea that this is a simple cuisine, but it is not. This is one of the most complex ways of preparing food, and it takes a high level of skills to master this method. Teppanyaki cuisine doesn't have a very long history. In fact, this method of cooking was found in 1945; it all began when a famous restaurant chain introduced a Western method of cooking food using a hot iron surface. Locals didn't take well to the ideal at first, but as time went by, this method became popular. This particular restaurant chain saw that the customers were impressed by this method of cooking, especially because of the knife skills it required. At teppanyaki restaurants – the outlets of Benihana Thailand would be an example– chefs cook vegetables, meat and rice in teppanyaki style, which is undoubtedly a fascinating spectacle.


It is different from hibachi

There's a clear difference between these two cooking methods. Teppanyaki uses a flat cooking surface that's similar to a griddle while hibachi uses an open-grill flame broil. Hibachi method is excellent for cooking large pieces of vegetables and meat as small pieces can escape through the grill. Teppanyaki method can be used to cook both small and large pieces. People often mistake the hibachi method for teppanyaki. When people say that they go to a hibachi place, what they actually mean is that they are going to a place where they can see the chef prepare food on a hot iron surface, which constitutes the teppanyaki method


It's not barbeque

Teppanyaki method of cooking refers to a plate of vegetables, meat and fish prepared using an iron griddle; this iron griddle is commonly attached to the table of the restaurant. This is an open kitchen method where the cook or the chef prepares the food in front of the customers. This way, customers can choose spices and seasoning according to their preference. However, this is very different from the barbeque method. The barbeque grill uses charcoal or gas flame, and it has an open grate structure. The teppanyaki plate comes with a flat surface that's suitable for cooking chopped vegetables and meat. You can also try this method at home; all you have to do is buy the correct plate. However, it takes a long time to master the knife skills teppanyaki chefs are famous for.


Advantages of using a teppanyaki grill

Your barbecue grill cannot be used to cook chopped vegetables and meat. It comes with an open grate, and all your ingredients can fall through. Teppanyaki grill is very different from the traditional barbecue grill you have at home as it comes with a flat surface. This enables you to cook meat and vegetables without having to waste any of it. All the ingredients are directly placed on the flat surface, which makes them sizzle, especially if you use sauces. This retains the flavour of the food; in fact, it enhances them. This method of cooking is inspired by the West, so, the ingredients used are also inspired by the West. You can cook a wide selection of vegetables on a teppanyaki grill, and meat items you can use are chicken, scallop, shrimp, lobster and beef. The most commonly used oil is soybean oil. At some restaurants, teppanyaki is accompanied by fried rice, garlic chips and mung beans. International restaurants usually pair teppanyaki with a range of sauces.

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