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Updated by Joanna James on May 05, 2020
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Must-Try Food in Yangon - The Top 5!

One of the best ways to explore a new country remains via its local cuisine. And if you are a foodie, you are going to enjoy this thoroughly. When in Myanmar, you must check out the following list of items to try to truly understand the local culture, traditions and people.


Shan Noodles

When in Asia, you must start off with a good bowl of local noodles. And one dish not to miss out on in Yangon will be the Shan noodles!! These types of noodles are considered to be one of the staple foods in Myanmar. The noodles are prepared by tossing them into chicken paste and tomatoes and adding touches of turmeric and other herbs giving it an absolutely exquisite flavour. Besides, if you would like to enjoy a buffet-style meal of local delicacies, you can check out a hotel in Yangon the likes of PARKROYAL Yangon that offer such restaurants. Make sure to try all kinds of local items before you head out of the country.


Mont Lin Ma YAt

The name of this dish is literally translated into English into meaning 'as husband and wife'. This is a fried food delicacy and made out of quail eggs which are found all around the city. This is a local favourite and most street stalls have a delicious plate of this snack. The primary ingredients incorporated into making this include quail eggs, chickpeas, pepper, turmeric and spring onions.


Samosa Salad

If you ask the locals where you need to start your Yangon cuisine at, they will definitely recommend the Samosa salad. This is the type of snack which is found across the country. You can find plenty of stalls selling these close to Merchant Road where there are plenty of plastic chairs set aside outside the stalls just for those who want to relish the Samosa salad. This salad is made out of samosas cut into strips and then mixed with fried chickpeas, cabbage, potatoes and tomatoes. And it is then served in a savoury broth that is rich and heavenly indeed!


Burmese Tea

This is another essential part of the local lifestyle and one which you cannot say no to. The teahouses are quite abundant in Yangon and offer all kinds of beverages and local snacks. Many people of Myanmar head over here to these teahouses to chill, share a cup of tea and engage in good conversations. If you would like to take a glimpse into the local life, head over to the teahouses, get yourself some tea and watch it unfold.


Dosa Sandwich

The locals often call this sandwich a 'gangster sandwich'. Isn't that an interesting name? The sandwich kind of takes after a savoury crêpe. The classic version is preparing by wrapping a freshly made pancake in a filling made out of spring onions, chickpeas, sprouts, sweet and sour sauce, chillies and turmeric. This is one of the affordable street food dishes that are popular amongst the locals and tourists alike.