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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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List of items you should NEVER pack for a cruise - Steering clear of the non-essentials

While sweeping across dazzling ocean vistas towards breathtaking sunsets, rock architecture, and endless skies studded with a million stars is undeniably glamorous, cruises have pragmatic rules that must be adhered to. Here are some items that you should avoid packing no matter the temptation.


Multiple outfit options

Something about spending the majority of the next few days cut off from land brings on the urge to over-pack and stuff your suitcase with a random hotchpotch of items "just in case." However, even though you may be itching to stockpile on towels, blankets, and wire hangers, you need to stop yourself in your tracks and draw up a practical check-list that takes cruise regulations and amenities, as well as your convenience into account. Another common packing mistake is to hoard on the outfits, which will indefinitely leave you less room for necessities such as medicines, self-care products, healthy snacks, toothpaste, and insect repellent. Therefore, adopt a minimalist packing mindset and include mix-and-match items and lightweight accessories, such as neutral skirts or pants that can be worn with different tops, a versatile poolside kaftan, and a stylish jacket or shawl.


Too many electronics

If you're embarking on a Halong Bay private boat cruise, that gives you an exclusive look into stunning vistas of jewel-blue lagoons and limestone islands, such as the Bhaya Cruises, you will need a camera to capture the stunning scenery both above and underwater. However, bringing along an arsenal of appliances like laptops, tablets, irons, and hair dryers will not only make your luggage unbearably bulky but also present a potential safety hazard due to the risk of generating a fire onboard. More practical alternatives are always on hand, however, for instance, bring along an anti-wrinkle spray instead of an iron for your more fancy clothes, and check the ship's inventory before packing certain gadgets. It's also best to bring along a portable battery for charging essential electronics as some cruise liners do not allow power strips that could generate sparks.


Precious items and flyaway toys

No matter how careful you are prepared to be, bringing along expensive jewellery or items with deep sentimental value, such as a gift from a loved one, is not a good idea as it can be misplaced or even lost overboard! When it comes to packing for kids, keep it lightweight and entertaining, for example, include recreational card games or foldable board games, and avoid stashing toys, especially like kites, boats, and remote-control crafts like helicopters, or drones. Inflatables for the pool or beach are also generally off-limits and frankly unnecessary for a stellar experience when there are such things as water slides and sandcastles!


Homemade food and plastic bottles

Being out in the open, salty air of a ship is sure to work up a healthy appetite and its vital stowaway some snacks and stay plenty hydrated. However, these have to be sealed foodstuffs, such as energy bars that can help you re-charge for a day full of swimming, kayaking, and hiking. To live a sustainable lifestyle, consider bringing along your bottle so that you won't have to purchase a whole range of drink containers.

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