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What to pack for a cruise - Useful stowaways for an exotic trip

It doesn't get better than sailing away to unimaginable new horizons in a floating resort full of the spirit of adventure. However, before the poetry of sunrises, constellations, and the endless ocean begins, there are more prosaic considerations, such as creating a packing checklist!


Consider the cruise itinerary

While packing for a cruise may not be rocket science, and the obvious essential such as flip flops, sun protection, and bathing suits are pretty straightforward, you must also take the various on-cruise and on-shore activities into account. For instance, if you're embarking on a luxury Halong cruise which grants you exclusive access to natural wonders, such as the Bhaya Cruises, you will need to come equipped with hiking gear such as sneakers, and a backpack or tote which will allow you to hoard anything from pretty shells to souvenirs, while also holding your beach towel, goggles, and sunblock In addition to this while packing casual beach resort-style attire should take priority, don't forget to include long-sleeved sweaters or shawls for the chilly ocean evenings or romantic dinners in a private cavern. Don't forget to include semi-formal attire, such as button-down shirts and maxi dresses to complement the elegance of an evening's fine dining.


Pack a carry-on

Stuffing a portable little bag full of pool and beach essentials and a quick change of clothes is a great way to ensure that you don't have to ferry to and from your suite for a sun hat, snacks stash, or after-sun gel. Packing your necessities such as cash, meds, swimwear, snacks, and hygiene products in a mini-case will also help you brave it out during potential delays in locating or delivering your luggage to your cabin.


Prep a first-aid style kit and favorite toiletries

Bringing along your personalized self-care brands from home is going to help you settle into the groove of things that much faster and enrich your experience with familiar comforts. These items vary by personal preference and can range from shaving apparatus and personal journals to face-masks, healthy snacks, toothpaste, batteries, and curling irons. Even if you're not susceptible to motion sickness, it's always best to stock up on Sea- Bands, as well as common medicines for allergies, an upset stomach, or cramps. Mosquito repellent is also a great investment to retain the glamour of exploring new lands, and moisturizing lotion is a must. To sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle and beat the tropical heat at the same time, it's also a good idea to pack a water bottle instead of amassing plastic drink bottles.


Electronic packing tips

If you're planning on swimming or snorkelling in the jewel-blue waters of the Bay, don't forget to bring along an underwater camera to capture the subaqueous realms, just as you can't rely on your phone to do justice to the ethereal rock architecture and stalactite caves. It's also a good idea to invest in a waterproof case for your phone, tablet, or laptop, and squeeze in a portable charger and plug adapter.