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List of Dishes to Try in Sri Lanka -The top 7!

Sri Lankan cuisine envelopes all the delicious flavours of coconuts and homegrown spices into the dishes. And that is what made this cuisine truly exceptional. Here is a list of dishes that you cannot miss out on when in Sri Lanka.


Pol Rotti

One of the favourite local meals would be the pol roti which are circular flatbreads that are made out of wheat flour as well as scraped coconuts. This freshly baked type of bread should be eaten with lentil curry and coconut curry. You are going to relish this dish! Besides, if you are only stopping over in Sri Lanka for a short time, maybe a layover, it is recommended that you check out the hotels near Katunayake the likes of Amagi Aria, for an authentic meal and rest.


Roast Paan

Another type of flatbread that catches the eyes of the tourists are the roasted bread called a roast pan. It is a kind of bread that you can eat all your life and not get tired of. These are thin flatbreads that look like slices of actual bread loaves. They are very crispy to the bite and delicious!



Kiribath or the milk rice is another traditional food that is raved about by the locals as well as the tourists. This is a special celebratory food that is made during festivals, New Year, the birth of a newborn and weddings. The rice gets boiled until it's very soft and coconut milk is either generously making it sticky and creamy. They are a bit cake-like and are cut into diamond shaped portions. You can devour the milk rice with seeni symbol for the lunu miris.


Stir-fried chickpeas

Stir-fried chickpeas is a breakfast dish that can be tried as a snack too. This is another meal that can be described as an absolute favourite among the locals and tourists. Chickpeas? Who would've thought that anyone could make it this exquisite? Chickpeas are cooked in a pressure cooker until they are soft in texture. Afterwards, they get stirfried with spices, coconut flesh and onions!



The Sri Lankan omelette is something quite different to what you might be used to. They are served in many of the restaurants, especially in the tourist areas. What makes the omelette stand out among the rest will be the addition of green chillies, spices and onions. If you are wondering if it's too spicy, don't worry about it, it is deliciously delectable.


Kola Kenda

How about some herbal porridge when in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is known for its Ayurvedic herbal medicines and nutritious and healthy food. And one that you cannot miss out on would-be this porridge. It is green in colour as it is made out of many types of green leaves. These are packed in nutrients and serve as very healthy meals. And guess what? The local women here also consume to get glowing skin and a shiny mane. It is indeed a magical beauty portion too.