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Tips for Desert Driving

Desert driving is one of the bucket list items to be ticked off irrespective of you being a thrill seeker, nature lover or a culture vulture. If you are thinking of ticking off desert driving, here's few of the things that you need to be aware of desert driving.


Desert Driving in Wakrah!

While there are many places known for desert driving, one of the most popular place is the dunes near Wakrah. As you get a range of the best hotels in Qatar around this area such as Souq Al Wakra Hotel Qatar by Tivoli, you will have easy access to Wakrah sand dunes in terms of the distance, saving your time allowing you to explore other things that Qatar has to offer.


Picking a desert car

Four-wheel drive car is a must to be used when driving in the desert. Although you get to see locals in two-wheel drives once in a while, as a beginner you cannot get by without a 4x4. While choosing the car, you have to go for a newer model that is well maintained. You can decide whether to go for a manual or an automatic as both perform uniquely in their own ways, but it is imperative to ensure the quality or the condition of the vehicle to minimize the troubles that can happen during the experience.


Checking the tires

There is ongoing debate on the recommended tire pressure and the type of tires to ensure soft sand driving experience. Sand tires are considered the best followed by bulled tires. Both these tires allow you to float on the surface by offering little or no traction. In addition, getting the right tire pressure also plays a part in making your vehicle more stable while giving the driver more control. Usually 28-30 psi is ideal for gravel roads while 20-25 psi for dune and sand areas recommended by experts. However, this could be even low for steep soft dunes.


Things to avoid and when to slow down

Always keep out of dust plume caused by other vehicles. This will allow you to see things ahead of you clearly preventing any unwanted accidents that can happen during the drive. Also, watch out for steering wheel shimmy as it can result in oversteer and take the vehicle off the road. Do not break as it makes the problem worse. Instead, decelerate to gain control.
As you drive crossing the dunes, make sure to drive straight up and down without going sideways. This will help you gain more steadiness and control.
As you plan on exploring the unknown, make sure not to venture out alone. Instead, travel in a group, travel with few other vehicles or get an experienced driver who has mastered cruising the sand dunes to ensure a safe and an enjoyable journey.


Counter steering to control drifting

Learn a bit about your vehicle before starting the journey. In addition, educating yourself about counter steering will teach you how to recover from drifting and prevent roll over when driving in different surfaces or conditions.

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