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Cyber Security Services Australia

Beat the cyber threats with our State-of-the-art cybersecurity Services

NBN Home Internet | Home NBN Plans | NBN Home Phone Plans

ActivICT home internet offers nbn home internet, nbn home phone plans.We have a wide range of NBN plans with different speeds and prices. NBN uses a multi-technology mix, and the type of technology used for the connection depends on the location of the user.

Cyber Security Services Australia | Cyber Security Consulting

ActivICT Cyber Security Services. ActivICT Help your business with intelligence and expertise. Get in touch to learn how our cyber security solutions can help you.

Managed Next Generation Firewall Services(NGFW) Australia

ActivICT Managed Next Generation firewall services help small & medium business from cyber threats. NGFW will power your network security with functions and features.

Managed Threat Detection and Response Services Australia

Protect your business with Managed Threat Detection and Response Services from ActivICT. 24/7 Support. Experts with over 20 years of experience. Let's Talk.

Importance of Cyber Security and its Advantages for Businesses ~ ActivICT

Cyber security is the process and practice of protecting IT Networks, Systems, Programs, electronic systems, networks, and confidential data from damage, attack, or unauthorized access.

If your business is completely dependent on computer systems and IT networks for securing your business data, then you may face serious threats from some common computer viruses like Adware, malicious software like ransomware, cyber infections like spyware.

ActivICT: Cyber Security Services company Australia | Telecom Company

Activ ICT is a cyber-security and internet service provider with years of experience in providing services to various sectors including banking, wholesale and other small-medium enterprises. Taking the cyber-security services that include penetration testing services, cyber security audit, managed threat detection services etc. of Activ ICT, customers are sure to protect their businesses from network vulnerabilities in a way that they may not be able to do so. It offers cyber-security services all over Australia and provides its clients, package of cyber security technology, such as Firewalls, Endpoint Protection Systems.

Why Managed Next-Generation Firewall is Best for Ultimate Protection of Networks?

Firewalls are basically standard security instruments utilized by the dominant part of organizations, yet in the present changing environment where cyber threats have expanded, next-generation firewall are the main firewalls that can give appropriate protection from digital security.

Penetration Testing Services Australia | Advanced Penetration Testing

ActivICT Penetration Testing Services. Pen testing is designed to test a system, network or web application to find gaps or vulnerabilities. 24/7 Support.

What is Penetration Testing and What are its Various Types?

Penetration testing is an endorsed and proactive exertion to get to the IT infrastructure’s security by means of mindfully endeavoring to exploit vulnerabilities of the systems.
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What is Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) and how SIEM Help Business?

SIEM is a security information and event management software solution that totals and examines activity from different various resources over an entire IT infrastructure. SIEM solutions give a sweeping point of view on what’s happening on a network continuously and help IT groups to be progressively proactive in the fight against security dangers.
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PPT - A Complete Guide on Cyber Security and Its Various Tools

Cyber security is all about offering security through online services to protect a customer or businessesu2019 online information. Cyber security encompasses all aspects of security, including Physical, Technical, Environmental, regulations and compliance, and also third parties involved in...

Security Information and Event Management | SIEM Security Software

ActivICT Offer security information and event management solution. Activ ICT’s SIEM experts have years of experience in delivering the best SIEM services to clients.

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as the IP Telephony is a technology that uses LAN (Local Area Network) for making or receiving the phone calls in a real-time.

ActivICT offers VoIP home phone services.Get a best voip for home at great price. VOIP is a technology that uses LAN (Local Area Network) for making or receiving the phone calls.

A Cyber Security Checklist for Your Company ~ ActivICT

Cyber security has been associated with the ever-growing complexities, threats, and even costs that are coming up and growing unprecedentedly each passing day. Devices are getting interconnected and this has bought many perils in the cyber world. The inter connectivity has made it easier for hackers and criminals to steal data both on large scale and irrespective of where it is found.

What is Penetration Testing and What can it Offer to a Business?

Probably the greatest trouble that organizations face in IT security is choosing if the penetration testing tools and structures, they have set up are giving their organization the degree of security they require. Depending on the idea of “prevention is better than cure,” it is fundamentally an information compliance development to choose whether the information is reasonably secured or not. Visit:

Why Your Company Needs Business Class Internet?

There are many people out there on the internet who all have started their own internet business. It could be a business that would give you information regarding anything starting from T-shirt making to information of World War 2. However, the main thing that all these online businesses need is business internet services. You cannot expect an internet connection to come out from nowhere. You need to have business internet services from the best business internet provider in order to get the speed and bandwidth that you need in order to get online and stay online.

Cyber Security Services Australia | Cyber Security Consulting

ActivICT Cyber Security Services. ActivICT Help your business with intelligence and expertise. Get in touch to learn how our cyber security solutions can help you.
Protecting your business against cybercrimes is no more a choice but a necessity. The global cyber threat is evolving continuously; hence Cyber Security services become a crucial part of a secured enterprise. It is often difficult for businesses to choose the best of Cyber Security consulting firm for their businesses.

Cyber Security Audit Services Australia | Internal Audit Program

ActivICT offer Cyber Security Audit Services for business. Our Cyber Security Audit Services use an integrated approach to enhance the security of an organization. A Cyber Security Audit is a 1 – day Consultancy Service that offers a high-level cyber review of an enterprise and its IT estate. The audit identifies the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that an organization faces.

Understanding SIEM and its Importance for a Business

The term Security Information and Event Management is shortly called as SIEM and was instituted by Mark Nicolett and Amrit Williams. It’s a term for software and product services joining security event manager and security information management.

Cyber Security - Say Yes to Cyber Security Audit to Avoid Data Loss - Wattpad

Read Say Yes to Cyber Security Audit to Avoid Data Loss from the story Cyber Security by ActivICT with 4 reads. cyber, în, audit. The cyber security environme... The cybersecurity environment is changing. There’s a constant increase in malicious email and malwares, and new threats are also emerging. In the interim, ransomware assaults today have additionally become basic that focused assault groups are utilizing them as decoys to give progressively genuine types of assault. Thus, it has become important to conduct cyber security audits.

Choose the Best NBN Plan to Suit Your Needs

Before we go deep, making you understand how to choose the best NBN internet service plan that would suit your needs, let�s look at what NBN is. National Broadband Network (NBN) is the largest internet service provider in Australia, something which Australians are quite familiar with. The main aim of NBN internet providers is to provide Australian citizens with access to the internet, with highly improved browsing speeds. Currently, NBN is the only service provider offering the best internet for businesses as well as homes in Australia.

VoIP Home Phone Systems and Its Advantages

In understanding VoIP phone systems for home purposes, we need to address a number of topics. Here today, we will discuss about savings, advantages, services, and other facets of VoIP. But let’s first understand what VoIP means.

Cyber Security is a Costly Threat to Businesses by activict - Issuu

Cyber security can be explained as securing of important and confidential information, may it be business or personal or any other form of information like banking information, client data, and passwords from various forms of online attacks such as h...

Live Vulnerability Management Services, Threat Management Tools

We offer a variety of fully managed vulnerability scanning services to keep your device protected 24x7x365. Contact Now: 1300-122-848 Live Vulnerability Management is a constant risk assessment and management of vulnerabilities to keep your device protected 24x7x365. Live Vulnerability Management instantly detects the configuration mistakes and vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified along with a step-by step-guide to rectify the system.

Business Internet | NBN Internet | Business NBN Plan

Looking for the best Business internet plan or Business NBN internet plan? ActivICT offer offers a choice of ADSL over NBN, and high speed symmetric connection using Fibre. While ACTIV has a wide range of security bundles, our interner offering is suitable for the customers requiring cost effective, symmetric high bandwidth permanent Internet access services. We offer simple, integrated Internet solution that is designed to minimise your administration costs and provide a ‘plug and play’ solution into your infrastructure.