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Travel guide share & travel accessories/gears review


First aid kit for travel 2020 - Tripplannerlab

People with safety awareness always keep a first aid kit for travel, and those who are adventure enthusiasts know the importance of taking along a first aid kit in case of wounds or injuries. First aid kits can be quite useful as an emergency which involves minor injury occurs. There is a wide range of first aid kits for traveling on the market.

19 Best tablet reviews buyer's guide - Tripplannerlab

If you are looking for a budget tablet or a top-quality one, the passage is going to introduce the best tablets available on the market. Here is the question: what needs to be considered when choosing a tablet?

19 Best Travel Sheets buyer's guide - Tripplannerlab

With a travel sheet, you can sleep better and stay warmer or cooler as you need, avoiding mites or bugs. Travel sheets should be your must-take for comfortable sleep if you are a sensitive sleeper. Apart from mere travel sheets, there are various sleeping bag liners on the market. Choose the best and the most suitable travel sheets for yourself if you have high requirements for sleep.

21 Best travel neck pillow buyer's guide - Tripplannerlab

To make your traveling more comfortable, a travel neck pillow that can support your flopping head is a must-have when you get on board. In other words, travel neck pillow enables you to sleep with comfort during the long journey.

16 Best carry on luggage buyer's guide - Tripplannerlab

A suitcase is a must no matter how often you travel. In order to find the best carry on luggage, you might need to consider whether it is portable, spacious or durable for frequent use. If you often travel by airline, you need to know the luggage rules and restrictions well. If you go by car or buses, you might need to get a luggage that is pliable to stuff into the trunk. Before choosing luggage, you may need to decide what kind of luggage you long for and to take into account the following features. 

19 Best selfie sticks buyer's guide - Tripplannerlab

Selfie sticks on the market are mostly inexpensive. You hold the stick in the length of an arm to fit yourselves in the frame of the camera, which means that selfie sticks can serve as an extension of a human arm. Using a selfie stick enables you to take shots from various angles and in a further viewing, not only selfies but also group photos.

25 Best cameras buyer's guide this year - Tripplannerlab

What kind of camera is best for you? It all depends on what kind of users you are and what kind of photos you want to take. For travel enthusiasts or photography lovers, a camera is a must, even though smartphones also have photographed function.

31 tips about how to travel on a budget this year - Tripplannerlab

When it comes to travel around the world, someone may think that the expense can only be covered by winning a lottery. Traveling can either be costly or economical. Traveling on a budget sounds daunting. Exploring the incredible planet might not cost you a fortune as long as you watch your pennies. Therefore, planning on a budget is quite essential at the preparation stage. Follow the budget-saving tips below and you will be able to both get more and cost less during your travel.

28 Best water bottle brands this year - Tripplannerlab

As for long-distance travel, water bottles are a necessity for drinking water. Disposable bottles are not advised considering their effects on the environment. Reusable water bottles are suggested for hydration needs.

Best travel accessories for men and women this year - Tripplannerlab

If you are preparing a trip now, but don’t know where to start or what to take in the suitcase or you want to see must-have travel accessories both for men and women, go through this article to decide what to take with you and make full preparation before you set off.

13 Best travel plug adapters this year - Tripplannerlab

As for trips abroad, a universal travel adaptor is a must-have for those who take along a cellphone, tablet, laptop, headphone, camera or Bluetooth speaker.

13 Best power banks this year - Tripplannerlab

Portable power banks are necessities when traveling since electric devices like phones, tablets, computers, and cameras may run out of power at any time. Efficient power banks may save time and even make life easier and travel smoother.

19 Best noise cancelling headphones this year - Tripplannerlab

Noise cancelling headphones are a necessity for sleeping during the long-distance trip or on board, with the feature of noise cancellation enable users to block the unwanted noises and fully immerse themselves in silence or music without raising the volume. Users can choose headphones with different types of noise cancellation.

Top 10 tourist destinations in the world this year - Tripplannerlab

Have you got any plans for traveling in 2020? Are you still wondering about where to go for a fantastic trip? According to travel vlogger’s opinions, here are the recommended 10 top places to visit in the world.

Route 66 travel guide - Tripplannerlab

In addition to the American spirit which advocates liberty, freedom, and democracy, roads and cars also constitute the charm of American culture. Route 66, experiencing vicissitudes, still plays a vital role in American culture and becomes a pilgrimage road for backpackers.

Best Drone for Beginners 2020 - Buyer’s Guide

The passage introduces the best drone for beginners, as well as the best drone for the price for your reference. Before you buy a drone, you can learn about its features clearly to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

How to Travel for Free - Tripplannerlab

Actually, travel the world for free is not truly free. You have to spend a little more or less, but you can save a lot of expenditure of traveling if you try the mentioned practical methods.

18 Best drones under $200 - Buyer’s Guide

The passage introduces the best drones under $200 dollars on the market. The best drones are not necessarily the most expensive ones. Most drones under $200 are classified as toy-class machines, however, they are not only for beginners or kids but also for professionals.

18 Best drones under $100 - Buyer’s Guide

The best drones under $100 are suitable for those who have a tight budget or who intend to learn the rudiments of flying a drone. You need to be clear that you cannot expect too much for drones under $100.Most drones at this price range can complete basic flight tasks. Some drones under $100 with a camera are especially good for shooting photos and videos.

11 Best drones for camera this year - Buyer's Guide

Some drones are good for taking photos and shooting videos, and some are designed for GoPro cameras. The best drones for camera should come with Gimbal stabilization to take anti-vibration images and footage.

8 Best drones for money - Buyer's Guide

The best drone for the money is recommended for those who have a tight budget. The best drones are not necessarily the expensive ones, some of which are quite affordable.

13 Best Travel Backpack for Women this year - Buyer's Guide

Compared with the carry-on suitcase, a travel backpack is a better option when luggage weight matters on a budget flight. Most backpacks on the market are much lighter and more portable than the suitcase, which can be put under your seat easily. The passage will introduce the best carry on travel backpack for women.

13 Best travel coffee mugs this year - Tripplannerlab

Generally, the best travel mug for coffee is one made from stainless steel with double vacuum insulation. The mugs made from stainless steel have excellent temperature retention while those made of plastic and glass do not have.

13 Best travel camera case this year - Buyer's Guide

A lot of travelers take a camera or DSLR with them during the journey, under this circumstance, a camera case for travel is a must for better protection.

14 Best backpacking tents this year - Buyer's guide

Nowadays, the backpacking tent, which is lightweight and easy to carry, is growing in popularity. On the market, there are also tents in different sizes, such as for 1 person, for a couple or even for 4-6 people. It is essential to choose the best backpacking tent to ensure that you enjoy yourselves and take a good rest.