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Top 5 excursions in Quy Nhon Vietnam – Things you must do while in Vietnam

The capital of Vietnam is packed with diversions. People travel to Quy Nhon for a relaxing and peaceful vacation. The mountainous landscape and the sea make for an idyllic getaway.


Beach hopping

The South China Sea furnishes Quy Nhon with sun-kissed beaches and stunning views; the beachfront stretches between Quy Nhon port and the hilly tracts. Queen's Beach, which is located right outside the city, has a unique character endowed by its pebbled shoreline. At Queen's Beach, you can also see the tomb of Han Mac Tu, who was a 20th-century Vietnamese poet. If you are after a secluded getaway, head over to Bai Xep fishing village. On your way to the village, you can make stops and take pictures of the beautiful shoreline. The village has a beach which, as it happens, is a great tourist hotspot. At Bai Xep Beach, you can lounge in the sun with the soothing sea breeze for company. Bai Bau and Bai Rang are another two beaches you must visit.


Snorkelling and swimming

Located on the other side of Thi Nai Bridge, which is the longest oversea bridge in the country, is Phuong Mail Peninsula. If you plan to visit Nhon Ly, on your way, you'll come across Phuong Mail sand dunes. This is a vast stretch of sand, and the sea wind doesn't let it stay in one shape. Climbing these sand dunes is one of the things you must do in Quy Nhon, and it definitely puts your strength to test. A few kilometres away from Nhon Ly is Trung Luong Beach, which offers a diverse range of attractions. The rocky shoreline, the perfectly blue ocean and the soothing breeze are the perfect antidote for anyone who's been thrashed by daily demands of life. You can enjoy walks on the beach, admire the setting sun in the evening and gorge on grilled food. The blue waters of the ocean are too tempting to resist and call for snorkelers and swimmers.


Visit the temples

To discover a more peaceful side of Quy Nhon, visit its Buddhist temples. Located in the midst of all the activity are Chua Long Khanh, Chua Hien Nam and Chua Minh Tinh. A little further from the city centre is Chua Tam An Tu. Chua Long Khanh is another must-visit; it is an 18th-century temple that houses a unique Buddha statue. You can discover most of what the city offers on a biking excursion arranged by luxury hotels in Quy Nhon, guests at Quy Nhon Coastal Escape are entitled to the service.


Visit the museums

Those who love history can find plenty to do in Quy Nhon; the town's museums are a real treat to history buffs. English isn't a language used in these museums, so, you might find it difficult to understand the full picture of things displayed; however, Quy Nhon museums hold excellent collections of artefacts. Inside the Binh Dinh museum, you see exhibits ranging from the Cham dynasty to the gruesome Vietnamese War. The other museum you must visit is the Quang Trung Museum, which was built as a tribute to the Emperor. It is located 44 kilometres away from the Binh Dinh Museum and has a variety of artefacts, including weapons and costumes.


Go on a food excursion

Vietnam has its own blend of flavours; you'll come to know this when in Quy Nhon. The city is known for its absolutely delightful seafood delicacies. Visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood here including shrimps, scallops, squids and a range of fish. For a few dollars, you can enjoy a glass of beer and a plate of delicious seafood. Quy Nhon doesn't neglect vegetarians either, eateries here offer plenty of vegetarian dishes.