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5 Reasons to Visit South Korea – The Oriental Metropolis

South Korea is one of the most developed nations in Asia but is quite often overlooked as a tourist destination. However, it is a country where the old world meets the new and place full of surprises.


History and heritage

South Korea is a country whose roots reach back to the furthest confines of antiquity and hold many mysteries for every traveller to discover. The nation is home to 11 UNESCO world heritage sites including serene temples, majestic palaces and awe-inspiring fortresses in cities such as Seoul, Gyeonggi and Jeju. A few places you should visit include the Haeinsa Temple, Jongmyo Shrine and the Royal tombs of the Joseon dynasty.


The accommodation

South Korea is probably the most industrialised country in Asia after Japan and has become one of the richest in the world. The nation has for a long time built-up infrastructure to benefit its inhabitants as well as the many visitors who arrive on its shores. There are hotels and resorts of every calibre which offers amazing luxury and comfort – both world-renowned brands and smaller local enterprises. If you are looking for affordable luxury and a great place to stay consider Somerset Jeju Shinwa World when planning your trip it is one of the best Jeju Island hotel apartments.


The food culture

Like in most Asian countries the food plays a big role in the local culture and you can try some very unique flavours while you're in South Korea. The locals preferred ingredients include rice, meats and vegetables. Some of the most famous dishes include; kimchi, gimbap and japchae. Street food is also quite an integral part of the culture and a variety of stalls can be found in all the major cities and around the country.


Cafe' culture

A seemingly unifying factor in all the metropolises of the world are the coffee-shops and cafes. Just like in Melbourne and New York the residents of Seoul and the other major cities in South Korea such as Busan love their coffee. The cities are full of unique and amazing coffee shops which serve an amazing brew and act as the favourite meeting places for many of the locals. If you are travelling this part of the world spend a day in the cafes you'll meet many friendly locals and get a good idea of the 'modern' local culture.



As you would expect of any modernised destination – people spend a lot of time shopping. Having excess money tends to make spending it quite the adventure. Korea is renowned for its gigantic shopping complexes and malls. You can spend days going through the boutiques in the alleyways looking for vintage garments or hours wandering through the never-ending malls dazzling in their bright lights and newest electronics. But apart from the boutiques and malls don't forget to visit a few of the city's most amazing markets – just to experience the atmosphere and try some of the most authentic Korean food you can find.