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Interesting Facts About The National Monument – Jakarta’s Iconic Attraction

Jakarta's National Monument (Monas) while being an iconic attraction plays an important role as venue for several important events. The 80 hectare open space is a must visit. But first here are some interesting facts about the National Monument of Jakarta.


There Were Objections Against The Construction Of The National Monument

While the National Monument is seen as a proud heritage today, there were protest against the construction of the tower. Building commenced, officially in 1961, but many people, a majority of them college students, were against the huge project, as they thought the costs and effort involved were excessive for that time. Which was in fact soon after Indonesia gained independence, and many people thought this a crucial time to develop other aspects of the country. Nevertheless, Monas was opened in 1975. Standing at a height of 132 metres, this was one of the initial projects undertaken by the nation's first president, Sukarno. When booking a serviced apartment Jakarta has to offer look for one close to Monas. The area is a popular tourist hub and very close to Ascott Main.


The National Monument Is Shaped To Represent Prosperity

Here's an interesting fact, the National Monument is shaped to represent a phallus (Lingaa) and vagina (yoni) which symbolises prosperity. This suggestion was given by President Sukarno. Alternatively, the monument is thought to represent a mortar and pestle. More fascinating is the fact that, the National Monuments size is a representation of the date Indonesia gained independence; August 17, 1945. The height from grail to base is 17 metres. (date 17th). The height from the base of the grail to the History Museum is 8 metres (the month August). And the width of the grail, which is square shaped, is 45m X 45m; representing the year 1945. More reason to leave you hotel in Jakarta to go explore Monas.


The National Monument Has Varied Names

The National Monument and the area its located has been known by many names over the years. Here are some; Gambir Park, Merdeka Park, Ikada Park, Monas Garden and Monas Park. Either way it's a pretty precinct to go enjoy some leisure time.


The Real 'Gold' Flame Of Monas

Did you know the flame at the top of the tower is coated with gold? According to Bobo, a children's online magazine, the gold to coat the flame was donated by Teuku Markam; a businessman noted for his patriotism. Teuku donated 28 kilograms of gold, and Monas was constructed with a total of 35kgs of gold. Later in 1995 when Indonesia celebrated its 50th year of independence a further 15kgs of gold was added. Thus, the total weight of gold covering the National Monuments flame is 50kgs.


Monas Was Venue For The First Jakarta Fair

The very first Jakarta fair was held at Monas in 1968. The site continued to play host to the famous festival up to 1991. At that time the Jakarta Fair was called the Gambir Night Market. Today this world famous annual festival is held at the JIEXpo Kemayoram in central Jakarta.

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