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Best 6 scenic beauty experiences in Angkor Wat – Things you can see and do in and around Angkor Wat

The former state temple of the king, Angkor Wat is an archaeological park that catches the fancy of travellers. Stretching over 400 acres, this sprawling construction is absolutely mind-blowing.


The famous sunrise

Angkor Wat is wonderfully attractive to travellers for many reasons. This magnificent creation is an amazing spectacle to see at any time of the day; however, in the morning, the temple assumes its most magical form. Watching the sun rise behind the temple, engrossing the entire temple complex in its soft golden rays, is something every traveller should see. You need to wake up a bit early to catch sight of this magical spectacle, but it's all worth it. Remember that the temple ground is crowded by other travellers who share your enthusiasm for magical sunrises.


Admire the temple

Angkor Wat is the largest temple complex in the world. To admire its majestic beauty, you need at least a day. Every sand block and carving has a story behind them, and you should inspect them leisurely. If you rush through everything, the whole tour will turn out to be worthless. Angkor Wat is the greatest example of Khmer architecture; the pillars and the artwork found inside are truly wonderful. This is also a photographer's muse, and to travellers, it is a majestic creation that intrigues them.


A traditional Apsara dance performance

To have a better understanding of Cambodian culture, enjoy a traditional dance performance. The Khmer dance show, Apsara, dates back to the 7th century. The duration of the performance is usually 70 minutes. In Angkor Wat, you'll see reliefs of Apsara dancers on its walls. These performances tell you the story of the temple and portray many tales relating to the Angkor Empire. Top restaurants in Siem Reap and hotels include a traditional dance performance of this kind in their dinner package. You can also get in touch with tour agents who will make arrangements for you to enjoy Apsara dancing


Visit the Angkor National Museum

The museum was opened in 2007 and has been receiving visitors ever since. It holds a collection of exhibits relating to the Angkor Empire. The gallery of 1000 Buddha images is the main highlight, and there are sculptures made of wood, jade and metal. These artefacts tell you the story of Angkor Empire from the beginning to the end.


Horse riding

If you want to have an intimate part of the experience you are having, go horse riding. You wouldn't imagine you can do this in Siem Reap, just like you wouldn't imagine you can sample Khmer cuisine at a place like Chi Restaurant, but it is one of the many surprises you will have here. The extraordinary landscapes, lakes, towering trees, temples and farms make for a relaxing horse riding session. This is the best way to explore the scenic countryside of Cambodia, and you should definitely give it a try.


Take an air balloon flight

Your Angkor Wat itinerary should include taking an air balloon flight. As you are here hoping to gain scenic experiences, taking a hot air balloon flight is something that has to be on your list. Flying over resplendent Angkor Wat cannot be bettered by anything else; you will be viewing the temple from a different perspective. The temple isn't the only thing you can see in a better light; from up the balloon, you can look over an excellent panorama of green fields, mountains carpeted in greenery and lakes. Also, make sure you take your camera with you.