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Things to See and Do in Quy Nhon - Top Sightseeing Hubs and Activity Bases in Quy Nhon

As one of Vietnam's top tourist destinations, Quy Nhon offers visitors a plethora of highlights and activities to enjoy. Here's a rundown of some of the best things to experience during a getaway.


Hit the Beach

No trip to Quy Nhon would be complete without spending a few days enjoying the breathtaking beaches in the area. The summer period is the ideal time to hit the water as venues such as Hoang Hau beach glisten in the sunny days of the year, beckoning locals and tourists alike to take a dip. As one of the most tranquil beaches in Vietnam, the hot and humid weather during the season creates the perfect atmosphere to spend hours upon hours in the water. Surrounded by rocks shaped like eggs, the area is also a photographer's dream come true.


Dig into Local Treats

Those in search of new culinary experiences will relish the chance to sample some of Quy Nhon's mouth-watering delicacies. With fresh seafood as a prominent feature, the classic Vietnamese dishes served up in its local restaurants include Quy Nhon fish cake noodle or Bun cha ca Quy Nhon while fiddler crab noodle and bouncing shrimp pancake are equally delectable food options available to tourists. Don't forget stop by the Hoang Thao Restaurant for the best seafood treats in town.


Tour Bau Da Liquor Village

Whether one is a fan of Bau Da, the famed Vietnamese liquor variety or not, a tour of the Tour Bau Da Liquor Village is a must for all first time travellers exploring Quy Nhon. As the landscape in which the beverage is produced, visitors can learn the basics of preparing this unique vintage loved by locals and tourists alike. The alcohol used for Bau Da is of high concentration and requires 6 hours on the stove. While the flavour of the alcohol variety is strong, it is not likely to give one a hang over the next day.


Visit the Banh It Tower

As one of the oldest attractions in Quy Nhon, the Banh It Tower is a heritage site that dates back to the Champa era. The main tower occupies the heart of the hill and is by far the largest. Encircled by three other towers of smaller scale, the interiors of the Banh It Tower is likely to transport visitors to a former period of time in which the Champa Kingdom reigned supreme. The bas reliefs are some of the most spectacular carvings one will come across in Quy Nhon. Those based at Anantara Quy Nhon Villas or any similar Nhon hotel can book a tour of Banh It Tower via their accommodation provider.


Hiking around Eo Gio Beach

Nature lovers should not miss the chance to hike in the area near Eo Gio Beach. The panoramic view alone is worth it while the breathtaking landscape is picture perfect to say the least. The trail is not only easy to navigate but offer travellers the chance to see local wildlife and flora up close.


Pay Homage to the Long Khanh Pagoda

Dating back well over 300 years, the Long Khanh Pagoda is a captivating highlight that's well worth a visit. A 17m tall sculpture of Sakya Muni Buddha is also part of the pagoda which has been a source of pride for Quy Nhon residents for generations.