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Learning Management System Software Development Solutions

OrangeMantra offers feature-rich Learning Management Systems for organizations and training institutions. Our learning management system software are equipped with the most advanced digital learning and engagement technologies. OrangeMantra’s LMS solutions development includes LMS UI/UX design, custom LMS development, cloud-based learning management software & apps, LMS for HR departments, & much more

OrangeMantra - 7 Most Important Features of a Workflow Management Software

As more organizations switches to remote work arrangement, systematically managing the workflow has become more important than ever. The coronavirus lockdown has forced businesses and organizations worldwide to take a technology-based approach to operations. When it comes to remote business operations, workflow management software solutions play a crucial role. They are also important tools for smoothly managing processes in a traditional work environment.

Magento Vs Shopify - Best Ecommerce Services

Magento and Shopify are leading E-commerce platforms with great features. They power thousands of websites for small, medium, and large businesses.

Reliable E-Commerce Automation Solutions to Grow Your Online Store

OrangeMantra offers eCommerce marketing automation solutions built on the most advanced technologies. The solutions enhance crucial business areas like accounting operations, cart abandonment management, and much more.

Automated Invoice Processing Software Development

OrangeMantra develops efficient and robust invoice automation solutions for businesses of every size and kind. We offer a complete range of automated invoice processing software including that dramatically increases business efficiency

Operational Dashboards Solutions In India

Operational dashboards can help you optimize your operational activities for strategic decision-making.

finance-dashboard - OrangeMantra

We build best finance dashboards to track relevant finance KPIs and metrics in real-time and enhance your finance reporting. Our finance dashboards solutions provide in-depth financial analytics to help you evaluate your financial status and make strategic decisions.

Top 5 Features Every Workflow Management Software Must Have Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles

Enterprise-grade workflow management solutions dramatically improve operational efficiency and employee performance. Here is a list of features that best-performing workflow management systems have in common. These features determine the performance of software applications

Blockchain Development Services and Blockchain Developer

OrangeMantra offers reliable blockchain services that transform your business infrastructure with cutting-edge blockchain solutions. With a team of enthusiastic blockchain developers, we quickly understand your blockchain technology requirements and deliver highly personalized services according to your individual needs.

Why Invest in React Native 0.61 Fast Refresh for Mobile App Development? -

React Native is an open-source framework used to build mobile apps and recently React Native 0.61 is released with a new feature known as Fast Refresh. It is a big relief to the developers when facing broken “hot reloading” feature. Here in this blog, we will discuss its benefits for the mobile app development as a whole.

Blockchain is Reshaping Business Communication – Good News for You

Blockchain technology is completely changing the way businesses do financial transactions and communication. Its impacts are constantly expanding into new areas of business. For instance, blockchain is also rewriting the future of mobile app development and other areas in the tech world. In this blog post, we will discuss how blockchain development companies are taking the technology to new levels of innovation, especially as a tool for communication. We will also explore the technical and security-related elements that make blockchain so popular.

Hire DevOps Developers | Top DevOps Engineers - OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra has a team of exceptionally skilled DevOps developers and DevOps consultants. You can hire DevOps engineers for your project and achieve your business goals. The company offers a complete range of DevOps services, including enterprise DevOps solutions, DevOps automation, DevOps configuration, and much more.

Internet Of Things(IoT) Application Development | IoT Solutions

Our aim is to provide you with remarkable IoT applications that build a smart connection and eliminates the gap between the man and the device. Our dynamic Internet of things application development service has the potential to boost your business by leaps. Our IoT development services assist the clients to transform their 'Devices' into ‘Smart Devices’.

DevOps Services To Make Your Business Future-Ready

OrangeMantra offers comprehensive DevOps services for every kind of business needs. Be it software infrastructure management, Azure DevOps, or deployment automation, the DevOps solutions provider covers everything. The company has a team of experienced developers and software testers to efficiently address all needs, be it DevOps development or DevOps consulting services.

How Can Natural Language Processing Bring Value to Business Enterprises?

Artificial Intelligence deals with Natural Language Processing to focus on the communication process. NLP mainly comprises of the communication process of computers which has the power to understand grammatical errors. Its main objective is to make real interaction between the computer and a human. 

Shopify Development Company In India - OrangeMantra

We assist our clients to launch an eCommerce store instantly without any flaw. Our team of Shopify developer brings an array of versatile features into the website for customer engagement. Whether you have limited products or thousands of them, our Shopify development service can assist you smooth products integration and enables high conversions as well.

Guide to Know About Product Maintenance For Business

Software is setup, developed & deployed in the process of software development. What after its implementation or deployment phase? How the software manages its performance with the everyday changes in technology? How does it yield the proper results even when technology is changing? The answer to all of these questions is available with Software Maintenance & Support.

Top 5 Maintenance Management Software’s for Business Enterprises in 2020 - Management Software Software Business Ente...

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is maintenance management software that works as database of information about an organization's operations.

What are the Key Parameters to Invest in Natural Language Processing Solutions?

Here’s how leveraging Natural Language Processing Applications can help to enhance efficiency in data analysis and what key parameters to look for when selecting a solution.

Best Custom elearning Development Services

OrangeMantra, a notable digital product development company, is one of the most successful Custom E-Learning development service providers in India. We strongly focus on creating engaging, tempting, and easy to navigate Custom eLearning solutions for brands by leveraging the support of popular development tools. Our few out of many Custom eLearning Development offerings include Rapid eLearning solution development, maintenance, and support, etc. get in touch with our experts now.

Everything to Know About CIAM Solutions- Definition & Benefits in 2020

Here are the methods customer identity access management helps you deliver a smooth and secure journey. If you are a business owner and you’re looking for a solution to help you manage the online identities of your users, then a CIAM solution from OrangeMantra will provide you with several advantages.

Rasa Chatbot Development Company

OrangeMantra offers a complete range of Rasa Development Services, including conversational bots, virtual assistants, and ML development. We are a Rasa Development Company specializing in Rasa Chatbot Development and advanced NLP. Our Rasa Chatbots help companies boost customer satisfaction and enhance business efficiency.

Blockchain Enterprise Development Services - OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra offers industry-best blockchain enterprise development services for all kinds of business needs. Our offerings range from blockchain consulting services to private blockchain development, crypto wallet development, and custom enterprise blockchain solutions, among others. Being a trusted enterprise blockchain development company, we are committed to delivering the best.

HR Management During COVID-19: Tips to Manage on-site Employees

As the world around is shut down by a pandemic so working on-site could be extremely stressful. Thus amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, HR departments across industries are facing huge challenges to manage the employees who are still working on site. Most of the organizations are now looking for HR management software to deal with the operational disruptions. And the need for technology-based HR management will grow as the pandemic makes remote working widespread and popular. Here are some tips to manage employees during coronavirus lockdowns:
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How Brands Can Stay Productive During COVID-19 Pandemic with Retail Solutions?

In the last few months, the threat of COVID-19 has changed the whole business operations. Most of the business industries are shut, cities are locked and people are advised to stay at home just to stop the spread of infection. However, in order to ensure shopping is safer for both buyer and employees, most of the retailers are opting for Retail technology solutions to ensure shopping is safer for both buyer and employees. Retail is turning to tech and machine learning to remain productive during the time of crisis by keeping up with social distancing guidelines. Retail tech vendors have completely changed and customized up their offerings, to better serve the retail market during this ongoing pandemic.
Let's take a look at the few major ways that Retail technology can support facilities management.
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