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Updated by Orange Mantra on May 27, 2020
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Learning Management System Software Development Solutions

OrangeMantra offers feature-rich Learning Management Systems for organizations and training institutions. Our learning management system software are equipped with the most advanced digital learning and engagement technologies. OrangeMantra’s LMS solutions development includes LMS UI/UX design, custom LMS development, cloud-based learning management software & apps, LMS for HR departments, & much more

OrangeMantra - 7 Most Important Features of a Workflow Management Software

As more organizations switches to remote work arrangement, systematically managing the workflow has become more important than ever. The coronavirus lockdown has forced businesses and organizations worldwide to take a technology-based approach to operations. When it comes to remote business operations, workflow management software solutions play a crucial role. They are also important tools for smoothly managing processes in a traditional work environment.

Magento Vs Shopify - Best Ecommerce Services

Magento and Shopify are leading E-commerce platforms with great features. They power thousands of websites for small, medium, and large businesses.

Reliable E-Commerce Automation Solutions to Grow Your Online Store

OrangeMantra offers eCommerce marketing automation solutions built on the most advanced technologies. The solutions enhance crucial business areas like accounting operations, cart abandonment management, and much more.

Automated Invoice Processing Software Development

OrangeMantra develops efficient and robust invoice automation solutions for businesses of every size and kind. We offer a complete range of automated invoice processing software including that dramatically increases business efficiency

Operational Dashboards Solutions In India

Operational dashboards can help you optimize your operational activities for strategic decision-making.

finance-dashboard - OrangeMantra

We build best finance dashboards to track relevant finance KPIs and metrics in real-time and enhance your finance reporting. Our finance dashboards solutions provide in-depth financial analytics to help you evaluate your financial status and make strategic decisions.

HR Management During COVID-19: Tips to Manage on-site Employees

As the world around is shut down by a pandemic so working on-site could be extremely stressful. Thus amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, HR departments across industries are facing huge challenges to manage the employees who are still working on site. Most of the organizations are now looking for HR management software to deal with the operational disruptions. And the need for technology-based HR management will grow as the pandemic makes remote working widespread and popular. Here are some tips to manage employees during coronavirus lockdowns:
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How Brands Can Stay Productive During COVID-19 Pandemic with Retail Solutions?

In the last few months, the threat of COVID-19 has changed the whole business operations. Most of the business industries are shut, cities are locked and people are advised to stay at home just to stop the spread of infection. However, in order to ensure shopping is safer for both buyer and employees, most of the retailers are opting for Retail technology solutions to ensure shopping is safer for both buyer and employees. Retail is turning to tech and machine learning to remain productive during the time of crisis by keeping up with social distancing guidelines. Retail tech vendors have completely changed and customized up their offerings, to better serve the retail market during this ongoing pandemic.
Let's take a look at the few major ways that Retail technology can support facilities management.
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Best eCommerce development services provider in India

Orangemantra is the renowned name for the best eCommerce development services. Our eCommerce developers are proficient enough to provide that eCommerce website development which increases conversion rates and online reach. We have worked and are continuously working for a lot of prestigious clients and passionate enterprises across the world. We work on all the popular platforms of eCommerce like - Magento 2, Shopify, WooCommerce, Drupal and Prestashop. Discuss your Requirement Now!
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What is a Business Continuity Plan & How it is Important? - OrangeMantra : powered by Doodlekit

Business enterprises seldom get an advance notice regarding any disaster that is going to strike. No matter your business is facing any global threat like Coronavirus if your organization has a Business continuity management plan you can still survive and serve your customers. The lack of a plan not only takes a longer time to get out of the mess but also business becomes outdated. So it is very important to place a current and tested plan in the hands of a responsible person in order to ensure the organization easily passes the disaster phase. Let's check a detailed post on what is a business continuity plan and its importance.
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How Grocery Mobile Apps has changed Business Model during COVID-19? - OrangeMantra Insights

As the whole world is facing the strict implementation of social distancing & lockdown due to COVID-19, people are now buying daily products through online modes. After seeing the surge in online buying, brands are investing in retail technology solutions for better customer engagement with complete safety. Contactless payment, social distancing, sensors and biometric technology has become a new norm seeing the spread in cases. As per a survey, nearly 70 per cent of shoppers prefer mobile devices while shopping, it’s not surprising that grocery brands have been targeting this segment of the market with a mobile app. Let's take a look at how Grocery mobile apps have changed the business model during COVID-19. Read more at content source:

OrangeMantra - What is a Lead Management Process for Running Successful Business Enterpris

Most of the companies still use traditional methods for tracking and converting leads including spreadsheets. But, this is a very inefficient approach which can hamper the conversion of over 70% of leads. A dedicated lead management system is highly needed to apply a strategic approach to gain new leads and convert maximum leads. A lead refers to any individual entity that could be interested in your product. This interest is seen through sharing of contact details, opening “register now” link, checking the website, viewing a product video, or any other engagement form. The lead management process uses the data insights offered provided by a lead to systematically categorize them and plan the action points. By the end of this, you will be aware of the whole lead management process. Let's check a detailed post on different stages of the Lead management process -
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How Augmented Reality is Transforming the Retail Experience? :: Orangemantra

In the coming future, Augmented Reality will become a crucial part of our lives as it has become so popular. AR has made a crucial impact on every field which includes healthcare, retail, digital marketing, gaming, entertainment, education, and utilities. It has been estimated that 32% of the shoppers are regular AR users and over 70% of smart-phone users are contented with its experiences. Such statistics reveal how the market has changed with the usage of smart retail solutions and is exponentially growing. The time is not too far when you are wearing AR-enabled glasses or using mobile apps to shop for everything from the couch. Yes, all this without even stepping out from your home. Salesforce automation service can be used to make more advancement in the retail business expansion. Several retail brands use this technique for improved business results. So let's check a detailed post on how augmented reality is transforming the retail experience.
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Best Data Science Consulting, Data Science Services - OrangeMantra

Orangemantra is the leading provider of data science consulting services across the globe. Our data science experts assist all sizes of enterprises to identify, analyze & resolve business problems with strategic decision making. We provide effective data science solutions which drive profitable results after meeting the cross requirements of clients. We have served a lot of prestigious clients and are continuously serving for so many big projects. Consult with the experts today!

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