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Crazy things to do in Mirissa- A unique amalgamation of sensations

While Mirissa is one of the most Instagram-able destinations in Sri Lanka, with its iconic coconut tree precipice and aquamarine ocean pools, but it may come as a surprise that this little town also sports a number of diverse allurements. Here are some adventures that Mirissa has to offer.


Go beach café-hopping

Mirissa is filled with gems that you'll want to explore at leisure; it's a good idea to rent a scooter and zoom through the picturesque forest-fringed coastline. Amongst the many beguiling hot-spots to visit is the parrot rock and palm tree hill, to catch the sunrise or sunset painting the glistening ocean. The Secret Beach, while not as elusive as its name suggests, is stunning nevertheless, and the artistic rocks that securely enclose the rippling water make a kid-friendly pool. Mirissa's transparent swells and hearty tropical breezes also make it a stellar surf spot without presenting too much of a challenge for beginners. This captivating southern town is also home to a potpourri of delicious eateries serving everything one's heart could desire, from avocado on toast and fruit-laden smoothie bowls to sushi, foamy coffee, and the incomparably flavourful Sri Lankan rice and curry.


Snorkel with sea turtles

Sri Lanka's distinctive southern beaches are iridescent gems strung along in close proximity with each other, and its best to traverse this delightful terrain from the relaxing comfort of an accommodating base. If you're on the look-out for hotels in Mirissa with a gracious ambiance and avant-garde amenities, choose one such as Sri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa. The Turtle Bay is another must-visit site, you can catch the wild turtles at sunrise during low tide and spend an idyllic morning spiraling through the crystal waters and making their acquaintance!


Get close and personal with a cobra

One of Mirissa's unsung attractions is the Snake Farm, located about 20 minutes away from town and hosting an array of wild snakes taken in for rehabilitation. The whole establishment is based on the philanthropic zeal of a doctor, who concocts anti-venoms used to counteract the fatal effect of snake attacks. Therefore, you will get to closely observe a vibrant collection of serpents, from majestic cobras to sinuous pythons, and invest in a worthy cause.


Don't miss out on Whale Watching

Mirissa is known as the Whale Watching Capital, and there is little else more awe-inspiring than floating in the middle of the ocean and intimately following the trajectory of the majestic blue whales, as well as other fascinating species, including the playful dolphin community. The best period to engage in this breathtaking experience is from December to March when the ocean is mellow.


Say hello to some gentle giants

Your travel itinerary for the wildly beautiful Down South should save a place for the Elephant Transit Sanctuary, which provides a home for abandoned baby elephants or those who are unable to fend for themselves in the wild. This trip is fully worth the 2-hour journey as you get to spend some quality time with these magnificent creatures.

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