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5 Things to Know about Falcon Souq – Facts to Blow You Mind

Here are some facts you probably didn't know about Falcon Souq that you definitely need to know before visiting!

An overview of Falcon Souq
Located in one corner of Souq Waqif, Falcon Souq is considered one of the top attractions in Doha Qatar. Visiting this falconry will allow you to get a better understanding on how well it blends with the Qatari culture. From shops selling training materials, falcons to specialized falcon hoods, this market will undoubtedly give you one of a kind Qatari experience that you can hold memories of. Witnessing this centuries-old hunting tradition will be even more easier if you are staying in one of the hotels in Doha Qatar that is closer to the attraction such as Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels By Tivoli which is only 2 minutes' walk from the Falcon Souq. Before visiting, here are 5 interesting things you should know about Falcon Souq to understand this centuries old practice.


It is declared a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage

History of falconry goes beyond Arab. It was significant in continents such as Europe, Asia, some parts of Africa and in the Middle East. As this ancient tradition has significance in 18 countries combined, it was declared a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.


Falconry is an expensive hobby

Most of the falcons you see here are over thousands of Dollars. Most of the time it varies from USD5000-USD20,000. The main determinants of the price are the skill level and the condition. In addition, other costs such as obtaining legal permits, falconry equipment, housing and food, veterinary costs and traveling expenses could cost a fortune. As such, owning falcons in Arab culture is considered a status symbol.


It has emerged as a Bedouin hunting and survival technique in the desert

During ancient times, survival for the Bedouins in the desert was tough mainly due to lack of food for survival. During this time, falconry has emerged as a key strategy for survival in the desert amongst Bedouins. As these birds have a sharp eyesight and acts swiftly, they were used for hunting. Today, falconry is practiced by the Bedouins as a sport as well as a passion.


When falcons aren't hunting, their eyes are covered with a hoo

Falcons in these shops comes in many sizes, prices and also skill levels. The buyers can evaluate or assess each of their skill levels as they are tethered to their perches in a sand pit. All these falcon's eyes are covered with a hood to calm the bird when not hunting. The leather hoods are designed carefully in a way that it does not harm these birds.


Falcon Souq has a falcon hospital

Inside the Falcon Souq, there is a hospital solely dedicated to these precious creatures. Situated inside an air conditioned building, this hospital is equipped with state of the art equipment to treat and perform surgeries on the injured falcons. Nonetheless, the hospital also provides other services such as tests, X-Rays, routine checkups and other general care such as nail trimming, feather care etc. It also has remote controlled lures to better train the falcons which you can have a look at if you are lucky enough to visit the place on a fairly quiet day.

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