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6 Fun Facts About The S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore -All you need to know

The sea aquarium in Singapore is a fun place to explore regardless of how old you are and here are some unique and interesting facts about the place you never knew before.


The Amount Of Water Found Inside The Aquariums

You might be amazed to know that the sea aquarium in Singapore has enough water to provide for about a hundred and fifty thousand people. Given that a normal person uses about 120 litres of water per day, this means that all the water from the ocean open habitat itself is enough to give a hundred and twenty thousand people ample water to cook, shower, do the dishes and also water any plants they might have in their house. The Open Ocean Habitat has about 18 million litres of water. To explore all such Habitats found in the sea aquarium you must place yourself at one of the Orchard Road hotels the likes of Grand Park Orchard.


Spending The Night At The Aquarium

On selected days throughout the year, this aquarium allows you to have a slumber party within itself. You can pick a tent and wake up to about 40,000 or more fish swimming above you. If you are travelling to Singapore with children this is an overnight party you definitely must attend it will make for an experience you or your young ones will not forget anytime soon.


Endangered Sea Turtles And The Sea Aquarium

In the year 2018, this popular aquarium in Singapore let two of the sea turtles back into the open seas after they took care of them for about 2 to 3 years. These turtles were first given to the aquarium when they were babies and as they were two weak and malnourished to survive out in the open waters, the sea aquarium in Singapore took care of them until they were ready to face the wild.


Learning To Dive At The Sea Aquarium

You can learn to become a certified diver right at the aquarium. This certification can be used all over the world in the diving sites located in parts of Indonesia and the Maldives.


Dinosaurs In The Aquarium

This might sound like an odd thing to say, but even if you are unable to see real-life dinosaurs you will still be able to see the marine version of the dinosaur that can be found at the sea aquarium in Singapore. These unique creatures are normally not found in such settings is also one of the reasons that sea aquarium stand out on its own.


Nearby Attractions

The Crane Dance is a show that caters to the entire family. It is somewhat similar to the Symphony of Lights show you find in Hong Kong but is of a higher level in terms of lighting and choreography. The show comes on every weekday night at 8 pm on Sentosa islands. The audiovisual performance is of two machine cranes, gracefully dancing and flirting, falling in love with each other. There are theatre effects added to the already exciting combination, which makes this one of the best attractions to visit free of charge.

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