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HOW TO CONCENTRATE ON STUDIES Debarati Sarkar April 05, 2019 How To Concentrate On Studies Here is the complete guide

Here is the complete guide on how to concentrate on studies for your children.
As there are several areas of distraction, concentration improvement is a burning issue for the parents. The problem for working parents is even more severe. Parents are unable to give quality time to the children. Hence children switch to television or mobile and gradually this becomes their comfort zone.



1.Study Time

As every child are moody and of different nature, as a parent, first of all, try to understand their reading pattern. Few children love to complete their homework quickly and get back to play. while few loves to take a break and resume after a while.


2.Study Place

2.Study Place

Choose a calm study place for your children and fixed only a particular place for it. Decorate it with greens. Use the snake plant or spider plant as these plants provide more oxygen.This is the most crucial one for how to concentrate on studies.


3. Play Focus Game

3. Play Focus Game

In our childhood, we use to play outdoor games which refreshed our soul and mind. It removed the stress and supplied us with the required fuel to focus on studies. The gaming pattern has been changed drastically, as a result, children are unable to spend time out of the home.


4.Reward System

If they are giving good results in studies, draw a brilliant picture, compose a little song encourage them.Pat them if they show good performance in a football match.


5.Diet For Children

Omega-3 rich fish like tuna fish sandwich, salmon, etc. Omega -3 is crucial for your child's brainpower as they help to maintain memory, focus, and concentration as well as mood.



Encourage them to do some concentration building exercise.Tell them to do meditation.