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Updated by clgifts2020 on Apr 27, 2020
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3d photo crystal

3D Photo Crystal – Crystal Laser Gift

Why choose a 3D photo crystal over other types of photo printer? Well, for starters it's more durable. Secondly, it's made of glass and there are fewer chances of damage. And lastly, it can be enhanced with different colors of dye or ink which makes it all the more fun to work with.

Another advantage that a crystal offer is that it can display a different color from different angles. It will only get better with time. The main disadvantage of the crystal is that it can't stand on its own when exposed to direct sunlight for too long. It will lose its clarity and shine. So it's recommended that you should look for a place that can shield it from the heat.

There are some crystals that are used to print colors on the surface of the paper. And it's also possible to use it as a mirror that reflects the light that comes from other directions. There are also those that are used to print text or images on the surface of the glass, so it's a good idea to check the product's specifications before purchasing it.

One thing you should consider is that a crystal that is clear in its true digital form won't be able to do much for your craft. There are certain elements that won't allow it to print correctly.

Some of these elements include the way the glass is held by the glass presses or the speed of the print, which are all features that are not offered by standard manufacturers. You can read reviews about them online and determine for yourself if they are worth the money.

It's also good to remember that photo crystals are available in a variety of models to suit different budget levels. For those who want the highest quality, they have the option of getting a model that is made from glass, which is available in various sizes and resolutions.

The price of a crystal depends on size and quality. A standard crystal may cost a little more than one that's meant for enhancing a picture. But if you're not using it for a long time, it would be a waste of money.

Photo crystals are widely used today. They're used for displaying artworks, videos, pictures, and even for printing text or images on the surface of the glass.

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