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Ettore Window Cleaning Products

Professional window cleaning products from Ettore. Premium quality window cleaning squeegees, window cleaning scrapers, blades & much more

Ettore Pro+ Scraper 15cm

Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6"/15cm. Professional Heavy Duty Glass Scraper Suitable For Commercial UseEttore Pro+ Scraper 6"/15cm - Ettore Pro+ Scraper 6 /15cm-ettore ...

Ettore Champion Scraper 13cm

Professional Ettore Champion Scraper. Quality Professional Glass Scraper For Affordable CostsEttore Champion Scraper 5"/13cm - Ettore Champion Scraper 5 ...

Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 4"/10Cm

Quality Universal Glass Scraper Suitable For Domestic And Commercial Window Cleaning ProjectsEttore Scraper ScrapeMaster 4"/10Cm - Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster ...

Ettore Acrylic Squeegee

Heavy Duty Ettore Acrylic Squeegee. It Will Clean Car Glass Streak Free. Manufactured From Chemical Resistant PlasticEttore Acrylic Squeegee - -premium quality ...

Cleanfast Bathroom Shine 5L - Professional Acidic Bathroom ...

Active Washroom Cleaner And Bathroom Sanitizer. Premium Bathroom Cleaning & DescalerCleanfast Bathroom Shine 5L -  Cleanfast Bathroom Shine -highly efficient ...

Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid - Premium Disinfectant ...

Commercial & Domestic Disinfectant And Surface Cleaner. This Product Is Made In Ireland 100%Cleanfast Millster Sterilizing Fluid - Universal disinfectant ...

Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment

Professional Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment And Window Cleaning Products

-Ettore Glass Scrapers
-Ettore Squeegees
-Ettore Channel Rubbers
-Ettore Poles
-Ettore T-Bars
-Ettore Bucket On Belt

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Ettore Squeegee Off Liquid Window Cleaning Soap 0.5L

Ettore Squeegee Off Liquid Window Cleaning Soap 0.5L. Premium Quality Window Cleaning Soap From EttoreEttore Squeegee Off Liquid Window Cleaning Soap 0.5L - ...

Ettore Window Cleaning Equipment

When Working On Windows Goes Wrong
Window cleaning is more than just about sloshing water onto the glass panes and watching the dirt get washed down. There are different issues that factor in to determine the success of the process. Your goal is to remove the grime that has adhered to the window, not watch it get etched or form scratches. The wrong approach can also lead to streaks and smears being left behind on the window, which can be frustrating since they need will need the cleaning to be repeated. Let’s take a look at common issues that are witnessed across the window cleaning industry,
Picking the wrong soap
Not every soap is suitable for the task. Going for the laundry detergents and using them on the windows can damage its structure. From the glass panes being etched to the seals getting weakened, the harsh chemicals that corrode the frames of the windows – they all lead to a negative result, and some of these will be costly to resolve. The window cleaning products used should have been specifically developed for the task, and safe for the window structure.
The choice of cleaning agent also affects the effectiveness of the process. Here, you want window cleaning products that are tough on the dirt, breaking it down and enabling the washer sleeve and squeegee being used to easily remove them from the surface. Note that you’re preparing the cleaning solution you don’t have to use loads of detergent. Here, you simply need to get the solution slippery to your touch. Also, after dipping the window washer into the bucket with the solution, squeegee out the excess in order to avoid a case where it goes dripping all over the property.
Working at the wrong time
Well, this is not that straightforward, since with powerful window cleaning equipment and systems you can easily work at any time of day or night. However, for homeowners who typically don’t have the setups that professional cleaners come with, timing is critical. Washing the windows when it’s hot – like smack in the afternoon with the sun being high up in the sky, there will be faster during times. In such a situation, the soapy solutions used on the windows dry before they can be adequately rinsed off, leaving behind residue that will need another round of washing to remove. On the other hand, professional contractors have both the window cleaning equipment and skilled workforce needed to work faster, which means they can carry out the scrubbing and rinsing in a shorter time.
With the advances in technology being witnessed in the industry, the adoption of pure water window cleaning equipment also minimizes the need for use of soapy solutions. Here, ultra-purified water is pumped up telescopic poles and sprayed onto the windows. In this state, the waster is unstable. To regain its stable and impure state, it absorbs the soiling from the glass panes. Added to the scrubbing action from the brushes attached to the heads of the poles, it delivers a thorough wash. With this approach, there is no residue left behind on the windows, and it also has the welcome benefit of being completely safe for the environment.
Applying excessive pressure
Not every system that blasts off water qualifies to be window cleaning equipment. Cases of people using the garden hose and directing it onto the windows, or working with the power washer that dislodges grime from driveways and walls – then directing these same forces to the window, will result in undesirable consequences. The high pressure can damage the brittle glass. The surrounding surfaces can also be affected, especially for the case of the power washer where it dents the aluminium siding, chips away at the building’s exteriors, and even leads to the paint that’s on the shutters getting peeled off. There have even been cases where the surrounding flower pots, and the outside bulbs that are in the way getting shattered. While it may look like a fast way to deal with the heavy build-ups of grime on the windows, such power washer systems are not intended for the task, and the costs of repairs that come ends up making a sizable dent in your wallet. Stick to the recommended window cleaning equipment for the different sections of the job, to get it done right and protect your property.
Body injuries
These are commonly witnessed with using tools like ladders for the window cleaning. Climbing up and down the rungs, as you balance the window cleaning equipment like squeegees, the washer, then extending out to reach across the window surface puts you in a precarious position. Just a slight tilt and the ladder will topple over, taking you down with it. Injuries ranging from sprains and bruises, to all-out fractures and even concussions, are common when working from heights. To avoid such incidents, one can use window cleaning equipment like extension poles, which allow you to reach those high windows from the safety of the ground. The poles come in different lengths, typically in sections that can be extended as one sees fit. Ensure that the extension poles that you acquire are compatible with the squeegees, washers and other gear in your toolkit. Also, the poles should have a rigid and strong body that ensures that the equipment fixed to it will be stable and the pole won’t buckle down under their weight. As a welcome bonus, you get to avoid damaging the landscaping or building exteriors with the ladders, and it saves on the time that is spent on the process, given that the setup is faster, and you get to move from one window to the next much quicker.
There are also sets of window cleaning equipment that are actually dangerous and should be handled with care, such as the scrapers. Those sharp blades can easily injure an individual, which is why they come with protective safety guards, or retractable blades for the likes of the pocket scrapers. These tools should be safely stored when not in use, and away from areas where children can access them.
When Working On Windows Goes Wrong