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Updated by Anand international College on Nov 27, 2020
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Best Private Engineering College - Anand International College


Best Private Engineering College in Jaipur | Top B.Tech College

Anand-ICE one of the best private engineering colleges in Jaipur, Rajasthan provides quality learning in top B.Tech streams and assures 100% placements.

AICET approved engineering college - Anand International College

Anand ICE is one of the top AICTE approved and RTU affiliated engineering colleges in Jaipur since 2010. We offer B.Tech degree programs with global standards.

Civil & Environmental Engineering | Anand-ICE |

Looking for the best civil engineering college in Jaipur for B.Tech! Ask Anand-ICE, an AICTE Accredited and ranked in the top 10 civil engineering colleges in Jaipur.

Best College for Mechanical Engineering in Jaipur - Anand International College

Apply for B.Tech in automation and mechanical engineering at Anand-ICE Jaipur, one of the top private mechanical engineering colleges in India. Enroll Now for 2020.
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Know What Makes an Engineering College worth Selecting

Getting admission to the best engineering college of Jaipur could be a hectic process, right from the beginning to clear the entrance examination, then counseling for the stream to the submission of college fees. You must have an option for the right engineering college to induce higher returns and guarantee a decent job.


Any industry is an organization that is made by so many people. To hiring the computer science engineering graduate software companies looking for some skills such as industry skills, communication, teamwork, problem-solving and critical thinking and knowledge of computer programming languages, etc.
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Anand-ICE is the best m tech colleges in Jaipur which has designed the innovation academic system to provide quality learning and engineering education with curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Why you should do an post your

Pursuing M.Tech after B.Tech gives sufficient time to get deep technical knowledge of the subject and have more control over it. An M.Tech holds great value in the current scenario and given the web of technology only he can handle and probably control it. 

Why are laboratories so crucial in Engineering?

Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems and figure out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveries.
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Best engineering colleges in Rajasthan | Anand engineering college - Admission

Anand engineering college is one of the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan, for admission. REAP 2019 is one of the state level admission procedure Or We are here to assist you.

B.Tech College for Artificial Intelligence Engineering | Anand-ICE

Anand-ICE Jaipur is one of top colleges for artificial intelligence in computer engineering. We offer renowned engineering course in AI with 100% placements.

How Online Certification Programs Enhance Skills and Knowledge of Engineering Students?

During this COVID-19 Pandemic situation online is a new way to educate yourself. Find here how online certification programs enhance your skills & knowledge.

Why Jaipur Is The Best Place To Complete Engineering?

Jaipur has had the distinguished honor of being one of the first thoroughly planned cities. It has beautifully amalgamated the best of the Rajput and Mughal architecture and hence it has some of the most amazing palaces and forts along with numerous private engineering colleges that even have a place in the list of top engineering colleges of the country, not to mention they are all AICTE approved engineering colleges.

How to Prepare for Campus Placements?

The process in a nutshell that modern-day private engineering colleges in Jaipur and Rajasthan is the Aptitude Tests, Communication skill, Logical reasoning, Work on core subjects, Group Discussion (GD), Panel Interview, Technical Round and HR Interview.

Career Opportunities After Pursuing Mechanical Engineering |

B.Tech admissions are open and if you're selecting the mechanical engineering stream to make your career, then here you can find the career opportunities after ME.

Find all the things you should need to know about civil engineering: What is civil engineering? Why you should select civil engineering for B.Tech degree course.
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Training & Placements | Best Placement Engineering College in Jaipur

Anand-ICE, Jaipur assures 100% placement for each student and helps in induction, classroom training, internship, and on-campus placement with well-known corporate.

Best Future Technology Trends in 2020

New technologies and methodologies are bringing the change faster than expected. Unlike before the adoption of technologies is faster nowadays. And this is the reason that everyone should be updated with the new trends and technologies. There is also a need for syllabus revision in the top engineering colleges of Rajasthan and India of course where students can be treated with new technologies at an early stage.

Electrical Engineering – What’s In Store for Us

So as we can see that electrical engineering is not so ordinary branch, but the core of any of the other branches. With the new technologies and trends in electrical engineering, we can easily comment that the future is promising and if you graduate from the best college for electrical engineering in Jaipur your future would be too.

Skills Companies Look For In an Electrical Engineering Graduate

The electrical engineers should possess software knowledge as well as programming expertise. This article mentions various skills thatu2019ll surely help the students graduating from electrical engineering colleges in Jaipur to stand out at the time of their placements or interviews.

Digital Marketing In Education Sector – What It Has To Offer

The digital world is constantly ballooning. The ways of reaching out to potential buyers are increasing, no wonder why every company wants to go online. Today, it is rare to find a person who doesn't have a social networking account. Software companies, AICTE approved engineering colleges, private engineering colleges in Rajasthan, primary and senior secondary schools, retail stores, restaurants and the list goes on, each one of them have a social media account.

Key Areas Future Managers Should Focus On

There are predictable and correctable common mistakes that inexperienced supervisors make and thinking about them early in your career is of great value. The key to the success of a manager is to understand what is expected from employees and senior managers alike.

What are the Qualities Employers Look for in Campus Placement Drive?

Jobs are complex today; I remember visiting a car assembly line in Gurgaon. I was a mere spectator and was getting to watch a robotic welding line from outside a glass pane. I could see sparks flying as huge mechanical robotic arms were moving in from both sides of a car shell hanging on levers…

Guide- Choosing the Best Private Engineering College for Better Opportunities

A lot of students or parents commit the mistake of choosing an engineering college according to their financial status, but that should not be the case. There is plenty of financial aid available in top B-tech colleges in Rajasthan, the option of scholarships is there and above all, there is competition too amongst colleges. India is a country full of private colleges for B-tech engineering. One can easily locate one or two AICTE approved engineering colleges in their nearby areas.

Symbiotics of Academics and Industry

Businesses grow when the stimuli of the external environment press their demand button. Technology world is created by research which spills over into industry to solidify it. The most advanced countries in the world depend on their educational institutions to generate prototypes complete with functionality and viability.

  • Anand International College of Engineering is approved by AICTE and affiliated to RTU (Kota). It was established at India’s Pink City-Jaipur in the year 2010. We offer four years of full-time B.Tech degree program in four major disciplines of Engineering.

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