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Yoga and Meditation

Welcome to the immense pleasure of yoga where you experience yourself to the next level generation.but be cautious results could be more than expected.

Get The Most Out of What Is The Meaning Of Yoga?

The meaning of yoga is part of the ancient wisdom tradition that comes from India. Sanatana-dharma means the eternal way so this is part of a knowledge that was considered to exist within the universe.
we sometimes think of the meaning of Yoga as hard something that’s difficult to do. But Yoga is a technology to allow us to utilize the natural capacities of body and mind for integration for deep stillness in which there are clarity, harmony and a deep understanding or a pearl of deep wisdom in the meaning of Yoga. Click here for more.

The Secrets Of How To Start Meditating In 11 Easy Steps - KNOWLEDGEGURU

How do you learn to start meditating? We learn how to take control of the wind as it enters and persists in meditation, and how to note it...

At Last, The Secret To Yoga For Weight Loss Is Revealed - KNOWLEDGEGURU

The most commonly practiced yoga styles for weight loss are ashtanga or power yoga, bikram or hot yoga and hatha yoga. Every session include and stresses on

Why does Namaste In Yoga succeed? - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Have you ever wondered why we’re going to start or end a yoga class by telling Namaste to our teacher in unison? Have you ever noticed what you’re actually saying and why you might say it? There are so many yoga-related rituals that add to my practice’s spirituality and separate it from my other exercise for me.

The A - Z Guide Of Yoga Poses For Beginner's - KNOWLEDGEGURU yoga

The different yoga poses allows everyone to do the poses that can help in the things they need to have in their body. Some of them lessen body pains,

Why International Day Of Yoga Will Make You Forget Everything? - KNOWLEDGEGURU -

In order to create awareness amongst the masses about the invaluable gift of yoga,the International Day of Yoga has been acknowledged and celebrated since ..

KNOWLEDGEGURU - 7 Simple Steps To An Effective Yoga Nidra Strategy

After performing a yoga routine, you may now be gazing outside the window and start on planning the next steps. Here is the effective Yoga Nidra-steps

Succeed With Benefits of Yoga And Meditation - KNOWLEDGEGURU

It is important to understand that yoga is more than just asanas. Benefits of yoga and meditation are far, far from reality. Yoga is a science, which has

Lies And Damn Lies About Kundalini Yoga - KNOWLEDGEGURU

If you want to enlighten your life and awaken your seven chakras, the Kundalini Yoga is that the right yoga as this simply offers you the best life...


Power Yoga lays great stress on physical fitness. This includes perfecting a lot of poses for building up the strength of the body and increasing stamina.

The Quickest & Easiest Path To Yoga Kundalini - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Yoga is recognized as the exercise of youth. It is known to help you rejuvenate your body and mind by accessing your inner strength. Yoga Kundalini is one

Who Else Wants To Enjoy Yoga Bikram Burn? - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Contrary to popular opinion, yoga Bikram is much more than just stretching. Countless followers, including Hollywood actors and professional athletes, ...

Learn How To Start Yoga For Pregnancy - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Yoga for pregnancy is not for exercise purposes only. It is for your health and your unborn baby’s health, relaxation and flexibility to make your...

Master The Art Of Warrior Pose With Me - KNOWLEDGEGURU

The warrior pose is split into 3 different poses. They are warrior I, warrior II and warrior III. This pose can be performed by beginners.

Yoga For Runners: This Is What Professionals Do - KNOWLEDGEGURU

You might be wondering that running itself is a form of exercise, then why yoga for runners? They are completely different. How do they fit into each...

What Everyone Ought To Know About Hatha Yoga? - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Hatha Yoga combines the use of postures and breathing practices for the best possible meditation results towards a spiritually, mentally and physically...

Can You Really Find Yoga For Seniors on the Web? - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Yoga for seniors is a healthy alternative in comparison to medicine and technology today. Yoga for seniors has been given an ‘OK’ by physicians and fitness,

Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga That Wins Everybody - KNOWLEDGEGURU

There are several benefits of prenatal yoga. It helps you pass every stage of pregnancy with ease and comfort and prepares you for your final delivery.

Cool Little Tool Yoga, For Depression - KNOWLEDGEGURU

It is a wonder to many how yoga for depression works on your entire body. In one of my previous articles about yoga, I mentioned that the word itself...

Yoga Poses For Kids Adventures - KNOWLEDGEGURU

There is not much difference in the yoga poses for kids and adults. But, Yoga itself is designed in a way that benefits individuals of all

Don't Just Sit There! Start Yoga For Arthritis - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Yoga for arthritis; it has a huge effect on the pain you experienced all those years. For comparison to other exercises, yoga battles with your inner...

Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss: The Samurai Way - KNOWLEDGEGURU

In this article, I shall be giving you a complete list of yoga asanas for weight loss from which you can select which one of them better suits for your body

Sexy Yoga for Healthy & Beautiful Hair - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Individuals look for harmless natural remedies that are less expensive. So we are here, with all that everyone wants healthy & beautiful hair through yoga.

Yoga for Rock Climbers Does Rock Size Matter? - KNOWLEDGEGURU

Yoga for rock climbers is important for strength, flexibility, ease, sense of wisdom and balance. Before we jump into what yoga can do for rock climbers...

Now You Can Safely Have Kids Yoga Games - KNOWLEDGEGURU

The term ‘yoga games for kids’ is designed to encourage yoga among kids. .These are different asanas or exercises of yoga treated or taught as games among...