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Data security service

Layer One data security services offer data protection and *data privacy solutions *to help protect you from cyber threats.


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Cyber attacks are done to receive private data to use in credit cards or identify personal details. Most of the enterprises have more sensitive data so they're using strong security networks. While small businesses have less secure networks as they didn't have many personal data to steal. So there are more chances of cyberattacks.

Cyber security practices for small to medium businesses

Day by day, the usage of advanced technology is increasing. Using technologies makes life easier, but it comes with the risk factor of cyber crime. No businesses with a digital presence are free from…

How HIPAA Ensures Data Security in the Health Care Sector | Layer One

HIPAA is a US law intended to provide privacy standards to protect patients' health information and other medical records. Data privacy solutions by Layer One Networks offer the technology required for accomplishing the healthcare requirements, and for any company handling private consumer information.


Is your data secure when stored in the cloud?

Nowadays, all businesses are turning towards online. There are lots of benefits of online business. With the use of the latest technologies, data security is the rising concern.

No matter how safe your data is. Always focus on data security and stay updated. As hackers are trying to access your system or steal your data anytime, anywhere. So, never think you are 100% safe.

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Do I REALLY Need Two-Factor Authentication? | Layer One

The short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes, but with more details. In a world where everything we do has become digital, from ordering food for dinner to updating your vehicle’s registration each year, it’s become absolutely essential to protect your virtual identity just as carefully as your paper one. Moving beyond a password that’s just the name of your favorite childhood pet is a great first step, but two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security that can truly provide peace of mind. When all your personal and professional data is at stake, choosing that additional step should be a no-brainer—but a surprising number of people haven’t incorporated this yet.

If you’re ready to get started with our top-of-the-line data security services or other protection options, give us a shout today.

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats on the internet right now. It’s a particularly pernicious type of malware, which actually seize your files after infecting your computer and encrypts your files until you pay to get them back. The infection isn’t usually limited to one device, either—just like a zombie virus, it will spread through your system to any connected devices. Plus, even if you pay the ransom… there’s no guarantee the program will actually release your files.

Beware Ransomware: How To Protect Yourself | Layer One

Here are some of the essential strategies we suggest using to protect yourself and your systems against dangerous ransomware infections.

5 Ways to make your mobile app HIPAA Compliance

In today’s time of technology, there may be a massive wide variety of online healthcare applications available in the digital market but what about...

  Is it Secure to Generate Passwords using Random Password Generators?

Concerned about your online privacy? Let's check if it is secure or not to generate a password using an online random password generator.

Layer One Networks is the leading IT consulting firm that provides all IT services for your business. Our skilled and experienced team members handle data security services to protect your sensitive data and prevent cyber-attacks.

Secure your Zoom Meetings: Complete Guide | Layer One

Zoom supports organizations and companies to bring their teams together to get more done. Ensuring zoom security best practices can be the best way to secure your meetings.

How to protect your business from inside attacks? | Layer One

Businesses are increasingly awakening up to the insider attacks that pose a risk to the business and data security. Hacking and virus attacks are some of the mysterious threats that remain to be the biggest problems even to cloud computing security challenges. Most of us think cybersecurity attacks to be originating from external sources. But we are wrong inside attacks are more frequent than we realize.

Layer One Networks can be your best data security service partner and your system will remain safe with us.

10 strong security tips to protect your business from cyber attack

Strong security ensures that you don’t fall prey to cyber-attacks, it also protects your data-centers from spyware and other forms of malware.