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Updated by Market Lancing on Apr 24, 2020
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10 Reasons to Say No to Freelancing

I’ve heard a lot of good things about being a Freelancer like they can work whenever they want, they
can set their own priorities in their life and there is no boss to judge them for their work, they do not
have to work consistently from 9 am to 5 pm while looking at the watch. There is no one to deduct
money from their salary and lastly, they have complete Freedom to work according to them!

But nothing EVER comes easily. Even you have to pay the price for this freedom.
Now, let’s discuss about why we shall say no to Freelancing?


You will not get any benefits from the companies :

When you are working in any company, then company will pay you medical expenses, provident
fund, conveyance, incentives for your work, retirement savings and further employees perks but
if you will go for freelancing you will not get any of the benefits from the companies you are
working for!


There is no Flexibility in Freelancing at all:

No doubt, freelancers have the freedom to work according to their flexible timings but if you are
working on multiple projects then your clients will expect you to be available for them 24/7
hours and that’s what you won’t like at all! You have to deliver your work within assigned
time frame so it will eventually give you a lot of stress of work.


You can’t even enjoy your vacations:

You are on your vacations and you are spending some quality time with your family but
unfortunately even there you have to sit right in front of your laptop and deliver work to your
clients on time as they expect from you. Thus, you will not be able to enjoy those precious
moments of your life with your family in Singapore. Trust me; you will get frustrated of working
consistently for your clients!


You will not get time for yourself:

While working consistently as a talented freelancer, you won’t be able to get time for your personal life
and also you cannot learn anything new because you have to work consistently in order to
deliver your projects within assigned time frame


You can’t prioritize things:

When you work for multiple projects then you can’t be able to prioritize your projects in order
to make your work easy and some of the projects deadlines timing may clash from each other so
you won’t be able to prioritize things like which project to do first? You will always be confused
about how many projects do you have to submit presently!


You can’t make place in the industry you want to work in:

Freelancers have a lot of time issue and so have you! You are working on projects back to back
therefore; you will not have time to advertise your brand anywhere. You will not be able to
make your place in the market because to advertise your brand you need to give as maximum
time as you can in order to build your brand in the market.


You are not interested in the work you are doing anymore:

While working for your clients as a freelancer you’ve already got so much frustration within
yourself that you are interested in the projects you are working on. You don’t love it at all and
work without love and interest is like food without taste.


Freelancing may affect your personality development part:

When you work in the office environment you have enthusiasm to meet the deadline of the
assigned work before anyone and so you work with a lot of concentration and also when you
know that if your boss will impress with your work then he may give you good incentives.


You don’t get Motivation and appreciation for your work:

Being a freelancer you to work constantly but in return there’s no one to appreciate you for
your work. You gradually starve for motivation when you lose interest from the work you are
doing. On the other hand, when you work in the office there is a motivation present in your
office in form of reward, incentives, and anything precious and therefore you work for your
company with a lot of enthusiasm.


You lack your patience:

When a client constantly give your work back to you to reformat it then you will start lacking
your patience as you’ve done reformatting of that project many times and in addition to it, if
don’t reformat it according to client you won’t get any money of the project you worked on!