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LiFi The future of wireless communication

Find out about LiFi and how it is shaping to be a potential replacement of WiFi and will solve major future communication issues.

LiFi for FTTx Solutions – Enabling last-mile broadband connectivity

Presently the most widespread wireline networks are DSL, cable modems and FTTx. Out of these three wireline services, FTTx using OFC cables offer the highest internet speed which can range from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps. 

5G Infra Challenges That LiFi Solves & Its Core Benefits

With internet users growing by the minute, comes the great challenge of ensuring faster speeds and higher bandwidths. Let's find out the 5G Infra Challenges that LiFi (Light Communication) solves & its Core Benefits.

Light Communication as a part of 5G and beyond - Velmenni |

The world is quickly reaching a threshold in data connectivity, and the demand for it is outgrowing the supply of wireless bandwidth. LiFi is a new technology that can leverage light to create billions of connections. Click here to know more about light communication and its benefits.

What is LiFi? How it works? Why you should look forward to LiFI?

The future of wireless communication — LiFi, stands for light fidelity. It’s an emerging technology that enables faster data transfer with the help of visible light. Click here to know more about what is LiFi? How LiFi works? WiFi vs LiFi, Why you should look forward to LiFi?

Myths and Facts about LiFi - Velmenni

Since LiFi is still an emerging science, many people are curious to know if it is really capable of solving the problem of the spectrum crunch. It, thus, becomes important for us to debunk certain myths and to clear out the misconceptions around LiFi in an effective manner. Let's find out the myths and facts of LiFi.

Know More about LiFi - Velmenni

LiFi, also known as light fidelity, is a full duplex communication network enabling transmittal of data. LiFi is an ideal medium independent of congested radio frequencies and interference from electromagnetic waves. Come explore the power of LiFi Technology.

Is light communication capable of overcoming the future technology problems?

Is light communication technology really capable of solving our wireless network issues? Let's find out.