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School Management System | Academy Front

The best school management system for your institutions. It is rich in features and offers you complete school ERP software solutions. Make your school stand out with our solutions.

Create an ideal admission process with the help of school management software

The time-taking and overwhelming admissions process can be made effortless and cost-effective with the implementation of school management software. Streamline the system with online admission forms.

The best tips to enrich communication between students, staff and parents

A streamlined and continual communication system is necessary between students, staff and parents for the overall success of students. This can be made possible with the implementation of school ERP system and ensuring that communication happens in the right manner.

How to manage your school from home with online school management software?

Work from home for schools has been made easier with online school management software. With multiple features and easy accessibility, implementation of such a system makes every activity effortless.

The consequence of the new norms of NEP 2020 on NAAC, UGC, and AICTE

The new NEP 2020 brings about a lot of changes for the current NAAC, UGC, and AICTE. These governing bodies are being replaced by a single entity, the HECI, and this changes the whole higher education model.

How does the online Attendance Management System benefit schools?

Keep up the safety of the students using the biometric attendance management. Attendance tracking software is inevitable in every school. Implementing such a system creates a secure environment for students and staff alike.

5 major benefits of integrating Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce websites

eCommerce websites do a lot to sustain themselves in a hugely competitive market. One of the major contributors is implementing Artificial Intelligence tools in these portals. There are many benefits from such an integration that can help eCommerce succeed.

Tips to build the most positive perceptions for your school online

Continue the teaching and learning process with the leading ERP software in India. Create a positive perception with the help of content marketing for schools and make it rank higher.

Learn how to create a mobile app that is able to sustain the heightened competition. The tips mentioned in the blog have been proven efficient for many entities.

How important is a school management system for the school’s business?

The school management application is quite a useful solution to run a successful school business. If you are looking for school ERP software in India that offers the best features, get started now!

Different types of timetables that can be managed perfectly with school ERP

Schools run on their daily schedules and this is possible with the help of an efficient time table management system. Implementing school ERP software that supports different types of timetables is the key for their success.

Know how the existing and upcoming Reliance Jio plans/services are meant to affect the gaming industry in India. There are many exciting products in the pipeline as well. This blog gives details on all these and more.

How does an online examination system minimize disruption in learning?

Conducting periodic exams is a must for ensuring continual learning. This can be accomplished with an online examination system using school ERP software. Know more about this feature by scheduling a demo today.

7 Benefits of Custom Mobile App UI/UX Design for Business

Custom mobile app UI/UX design for business is the way forward. Meet all the requirements of your customers and ensure that they have the best solution for their specific needs. The benefits of doing this are manifold.

10 best tips to implement school management software successfully

Implementing the school ERP software of your choice is an important phase. Make sure you follow the right steps and take the best measures for its success. Make the most of the ideal school data management.

Why is a cloud-based school management system considered the best?

Cloud-based ERP software is preferred by most schools in India as they come with a number of benefits such as online payments and virtual classrooms. Such a school management system in India is recommended for easy operations.

Online fee collection software is a major feature in a school management system. It eases the whole process of scheduling, calculating, communicating about, receiving and reporting the fee for each student.

How is the eLearning Solution Changing the Current Education Scenario?

eLearning is one solution that has helped the education system withstand all the myriad changes. Pursue the best practices and make your school the ideal digital education centre by implementing a school management system.

Mobile applications make up for the best educational technology tools. Many school ERP software solutions are available in the mobile form for ease of use and accessibility. Is yours mobile ready?

How to enhance parent's engagement in students' success with digital tools?

Keeping up parents engagement in their children's learning process is difficult. With school ERP, it can be managed well. The latest education trends like video conferencing in school management make this possible.

5 tips for parents to make online learning fun and easy for their children

Children need to have the support of their parents during online learning sessions for the best results. Make use of these useful tips to create a conducive environment for vClass activities and keep up their interest on any given day!

How to monitor progress and give feedback to students in virtual classrooms

The key to the success of students in education lies in constructive feedback and monitoring their progress regularly. Accomplish this in the virtual classroom environment by implementing a school management system.

The most effective steps to developing the best parent-school relationship

A good parent-school partnership nourishes the children's learning atmosphere. There are many ways to accomplish this. Read more to create a strong relationship that helps students in their overall progress, including academics!

The top 5 benefits of a time management system in schools of all sizes

An online school timetable system is the need of the hour. It is an important part of school management system as it ensures that the virtual classroom sessions happen without any issues. Learn about all the benefits that such a solution can bring about to your school.

School management software plays a key role in increasing the ROI

Increasing the ROI in a school is possible with the help of a strategic school management system. There are many aspects which are enhanced by such an implementation. This blog explains the role of ERP software in optimizing the financial returns.

How does the National Education Policy 2020 change the learning process?

The new National Education Policy aims to bring about a holistic learning atmosphere and allows students to choose a subject of their choice to pursue. Read all about the modifications to know how they impact the overall learning process in schools...