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Updated by Global Gauge Corporation on Jun 30, 2020
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X-Ray Thickness Gauge: How Does it Compare with Direct Contact and Optical Gauges?

Non-contact thickness and coating weight gauges ensure correct measurements and help companies to minimize raw material waste. They do this by calculating the dimensions of thickness or various types of coatings to meet the exact specifications of the end products.

Width Gauges and Vision Systems | Global Gauge

Global Gauge is the largest domestic supplier of x-ray thickness gauge systems, and we also sell width gauges. Our services are extremely reliable and dependable and backed by 24/7 customer service.

Everything You Need to Know about a Coating Thickness Gauge

A coating thickness gauge, also commonly known as a paint meter, is used to measure the thickness of a dry film. Dry film thickness is an extremely important type of measurement, especially in the coating industry. This is because it has a heavy impact on the entire coating methodology, the final quality, and the overall cost.

Gauge Systems from Global Gauge

We manufacture gauge systems that can be configured to fit almost any application, including centerline, scanning, large, small, in-line, or discrete operation.

Width Gauges | Global Gauge

At Global Gauge, we manufacture width gauges using state-of-the-art digital line scan cameras to determine the width of sheet or strip products.

What Are the Various Types of Non-Destructive Testing?

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a testing methodology that analyzes a material’s measurement or looks for welding defects without causing any damage to the structure and composition of the original sample. Also called non-destructive examination (NDE), non-destructive inspection (NDI), or non-destructive evaluation (NDE), NDT offers several benefits.

In the heavy plate and hot strip industry, one vital factor to keep in mind is the quality of the end products. Quality means adhering to the specified thickness ranges within set tolerance ranges, and therefore, we need thickness measuring systems. These systems should be able to measure the dimensions of the material without any error and without coming in contact with the material surface.

What Are the Various Uses of Thickness Gauges?

Online thickness gauges are incredibly beneficial and versatile gadgets that can be used in multiple industrial applications. Below, we have highlighted some of the sectors which widely deploy thickness gauges for precise measurements of material thickness.

Types of Thickness Gauges & What You Need To Know

A type of handheld measuring gadget, a thickness gauge, helps you measure the thickness of sample materials. They are extensively used in the manufacturing, production, and engineering sectors to ensure that the industries comply with the specified product thicknesses as outlined under governmental regulations. For more information on gauges, contact the experts at Global Gauges.

Gauge Measures | Global Gauge

Visit us to learn more about our range of gauge measures. We are leaders in building the world’s best X-ray thickness gauges, width gauges, and non-contact measurement and analysis.

Gauges are inspection tools used for thickness and density measurements of manufacturing parts. Whether you own a steel company or a blast furnace/metal business, effective process instrumentation and automation are essential. That's where gauge systems play a role. We need gauges not just for thickness measurement, but for smooth assembly and easy manufacturing of products.

  • Global Gauge is a leading manufacturer of non-contact measurements and analysis systems. We are the largest USA-based manufacturers of x-ray thickness gauges, and manufacture and service isotope thickness gauges and laser-based gauges. Our products are used in various flat-rolled metals industries. We also manufacture density gauges for ceramic and powdered metal industries, where piece-part quality assurance is necessary. We manufacture width gauges using the best digital line scan cameras to determine the width of strips or strip products. The coating weight gauges we make can measure metallic coatings like zinc, aluminum, and tin. We also offer Vision Solutions to calculate operational parameters such as centerline deviation and even generate a complete 2-D or 3-D images and thermal image of a plate, bar, or strip.

    Our systems can be configured to fit any application, including centerline, scanning, large, small, in-line, or discrete operations. We also build our systems using available components, thereby ensuring flexibility and affordability.

    For more information about our products and services, call us at 937-254-3500.

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