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Online Programming

InterviewBit: Coding Interview Questions

Learn and Practice on almost all coding interview questions asked historically and get referred to the best tech companies

Solve Problems with Dynamic Programming - InterviewBit

The best interview preparation course containing Dynamic Programming Problems & Solutions.

Bubble Sort - InterviewBit

Bubble Sort is a simple sorting algorithm that compares the adjacent element in an array and places the largest number from the unsorted array to its best possible position after each iteration. Learn its implementation in C, C++, Python and Java.

Bubble Sort Algorithm Demystified

Bubble sort, also referred to as comparison sort, is a simple sorting algorithm that repeatedly goes through the list, compares adjacent elements and swaps them if they are in the wrong order. This is the most simplest algorithm and inefficient at the same time. Yet, it is very much necessary to learn about it as it represents the basic foundations of sorting.

An Introduction to Functional Programming in Java - Hashnode

After Java introduced the Java 8 version, the primary structure of the language shifted from the original OOPS concepts to functional programming. Java, originally, is an object-oriented programming language. It works on four major paradigms: encapsu...

What is Data Structure?

Data structures form the core foundation of software programming as any efficient algorithm to a given problem is dependent on how effectively a data is structured.

Selenium Interview Questions and Answers (2021) - InterviewBit

A comprehensive guide covering the latest interview questions and answers to help you crack your Selenium Interview.

Binary Search In Java with Examples - An Interview Guide

Introduction to Binary Search:- Searching is one of the most rudimentary tasks that almost all of us perform on a daily basis, be it searching for p...

40+ Operating System Interview Questions (2021)

Prepare from our list of top Operating System Interview Questions and crush your Interview.

30+ Commonly Asked GIT Interview Questions (2021) - InterviewBit

Git is a freely available, distributed version control system which helps developers to collaborate with multiple people on their projects and eases their life.
This article covers the introduction and scope of git along with the most commonly asked git questions to ace your interview.

Top DBMS Interview Questions (2021)

DBMS or Database Management System is a set of applications or programs that enable users to overcome problems like data inconsistency, data redundancy, etc. in a database and makes it more convenient and organized to use it. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you better understand important concepts and ace the DBMS interview.

Top Software Testing Interview Questions (2021)

This article provides the frequently asked interview questions for Freshers and Experienced candidates applying for Software Tester or Quality Assurance (QA) position.

Top Linux Interview Questions and Answers (2021) - Interviewbit

Ace your Linux Interviews with our comprehensive guide covering important questions and concepts on Linux for freshers as well as experienced candidates.

25+ Commonly Asked MySQL Interview Questions (2021)

Due to its amazing features, MySQL is regarded as one of the best RDBMS for developing various web-based software applications and has over 11 million installations. Check out this link to learn more about the important MYSQL concepts asked in interviews.

Top Spark Interview Questions (2021)

Apache Spark is known to be the fastest-growing cluster computational platform designed to process big data in a faster manner along with the compatibility to previously existing big data tools and support to various libraries.
This article covers the most commonly asked interview questions in Spark technology and helps the software engineers and the data engineers to equip themselves for the interview.

Top Bootstrap Interview Questions

Bootstrap is popular among web designers and developers because it is versatile and simple to use. Its key advantages are that it is responsive by design, that it supports a wide range of browsers, that it provides a consistent design by employing reusable components, and that it is simple to use and understand.
In this article, you will learn the fundamentals and advanced features of Bootstrap.

Top Hadoop Interview Questions

Apache Hadoop is an open-source software library used to control data processing and storage in big data applications. Hadoop was introduced as a solution to help analyze vast amounts of data parallelly and more swiftly.

ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions: Freshers & Experienced

Enhance your chances of performing well in the interviews with the following list of interview questions on ASP.NET MVC.

Javascript Interview Questions and Answers (2020) - InterviewBit

Gain Proficiency of this language with this curated list of the most frequently asked basic to advanced javascript coding interview questions.

Python Interview Questions and Answers (2020) - InterviewBit

Prepare for your Python Interview with these most asked python interview questions.

Spring Interview Questions and Answers (2021) - InterviewBit

Enhance your chances of cracking interviews from the most commonly asked interview questions on spring.

40+ Web API Interview Questions and Answers (2021) - InterviewBit

Learn and Practice on almost all coding interview questions asked historically and get referred to the best tech companies

Frequently Asked C# Interview Questions and Answers(2021)- InterviewBit

Since C# is such a widely-used programming language, a plethora of big and small organizations base their products using it. So, prepare yourself with basic and advanced level C# questions to ace the interviews. Let’s look at 50 much asked and a comprehensive set of questions on C#.

30+ Top Node.js Interview Questions for Beginners and Experienced(2021) - InterviewBit

Learn and Practice from our comprehensive list of top node js interview questions.

Java Interview Questions and Answers (2021) - InterviewBit

Crack your Coding Interview by preparing from the most frequently asked Java Interview Questions.