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Headline for 05 Amazing water sports in Bali – Escape into the ocean!
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05 Amazing water sports in Bali – Escape into the ocean!

For those looking for newer and more challenging adrenaline thrills, the world of water sports brings its own unique set of trials and joys. Whether it is gliding along the surface, trudging under the waves or flying over the waves, there is a water sport to suit any individuals.



If you have been skiing and surfing, then you will understand how to navigate a wakeboard. A balance between the two aforementioned sports, this activity is not reserved for experts. Simply latch on your board, jacket and helmet and off you go as you zoom off tethered to a board. Pull on the attached handle to build tension between you and the wave and you will be zipping across the water in no time!


Scuba Diving

Bali is known for some of the best scuba diving experiences in the world, so you are sorely missing out if you are not able to take advantage of this! While you do need some training prior to being able to dive into the water, many beaches are lined with schools that will induct you into the community and help you get ready to strap on your own air tanks. Before you know it, you will enter the magical underwater world that only a few get to see for themselves, with schools of fish fluttering all around you.



A classic, this activity is likely one of the first things that will come to your mind when you think of a water sport. If you picture yourself zooming through rolling waves in slow motion, well you will need to start from the basics. Once you have brushed up on your skills at a neighbourhood surf school, you can freely paddle out to the ocean and await the next wave. In Bali, there are plenty of places to catch a good wave, from Bingin to Balangan and even by the Seminyak beachfront resorts so just pluck up the initiative and ride those waves!



Have you ever wanted to feel like a brave adventurer venturing into unknown lands, forging a path for humanity as you battle the elements of nature in your journey? Simply place yourself at the fore of a raft on the roaring waters of the rivers of Bali. Vision blurred from the sprays of water and your arms working overtime to shove yourself forward, avoiding rocks and rapids, this is a true experience that will leave you on a razors edge in thrill and adrenaline!



Arguably one of the newest water sports around, flyboarding allows you to fly through the air propelled by a stream of high pressured water, you become an entity of the ocean and the air, flying through these elements will bring you to a level of adrenaline that is hard to match as you do your backflips 10 feet in the air only to dive into the ocean before erupting out of the sea like an oceanic beast bursting into a glorious flight. Such an experience requires some training and experience but once it is learned, it is unlikely you will be satisfied with anything else! If you are in the area, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak is surrounded by some really helpful flyboarding schools.