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Updated by Joanna James on May 04, 2020
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6 Best Night Markets in Bali – A Different Allure

Bali's night market scene is incredibly enticing with many avenues to go along that hold an abundance of experiences to behold. Given below are 6 of the very best that travellers ought to call by.


Kereneng Night Market

Located in Kota, Denpasar, Bali is the lively Kereneng Night Market. Also referred to as 'Pasar Kereneng,' the visitor will note that the premises caters to some 1000 sellers and the best time to call by would be after 4 in the afternoon. This is when scenes of carts being rolled in and vendors setting up their shops take center stage. The finest Javanese cuisine which includes specialties such as 'nasi babi guling' and all types of spicy mixed rice can be indulged in for a charge that will hardly make your purse feel lighter.


Garlic Lane

As the market is found well off the main road in Legian, the chances of travellers like you striking up a perfect deal for the best buys in town will be significantly higher. Given the fact that you have a 200-meter long street to venture to which in turn, provides a wide assortment of goods to be selected from and purchased, investing time and energy towards navigating through Garlic Lane will be well worth it. Surfing enthusiasts will find it not too hard to pick up a fancy surfboard while those who yearn for valuable handicrafts will be in their elements no sooner they have arrived.


Sanur Night Market

In actuality, the Sanur Night Market is the popular Sindhu Market come daytime which is often at the heart of much activity, especially amongst the residents of Sanur. If travelling in Bali on a budget, do pay a visit to this night market as you will not be disappointed with the array of local fare cooked up on a daily basis. Let your foodie senses run wild as you move from sizzling grilled meats to various varieties of fried rice to some lip-smacking lamb satay. Thus, for a truly authentic gourmet adventure, make a beeline towards the Sanur Night Market which opens its doors to the public once the clock strikes 6.00 p.m.


Gianyar Night Market

Happen to be travelling through Jalan Ngurah Rai in the Gianyar area of Bali? Then do think of spending some time at its night market. The Gianyar Night Market comes alive once the sun bids adieu and for the curious vacationer, the area will serve as a great way to while away the hours, learning of how the locals go about their lives. Lines of flickering fluorescent lamps will signal to you that you are indeed at the right place in Gianyar. Whether you want to enjoy dinner in a banana leaf wrapping or opt to spend most of your time shopping for that elusive souvenir that would look good on your mantelpiece, the options available together with the experience here is sure to make your grocery store back home look average.


Taman Sari Market

What begins as a tropical fruit market in the day quickly takes on a different shade come nightfall where vacationers can immerse their senses into unique and mesmeric experiences only a trip to Bali can provide. The Tamana Sari Market is where large portions of rice porridge and meatball soup can be delighted in well into the night. Therefore, if in Seminyak during the evening, do make your way towards Kerobokan, Badung in Bali to have access to a scrumptious feast.


Kuta Art Market

Art and craft have also etched its presence in Bali and more specifically Kuta for that matter which is perhaps more known for its outdoor leisure activities and beachside parties. However, upon entering the Kuta Art Market, one will be able to pick and choose from colourful batik designs, shoes, sandals, placemats, and even beer holders. The 6 shophouses together with a host of other smaller stalls can be easily reached if one resides at Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali. In terms of the distance, this hotel in Bali Kuta is found a mere 3 km away from the market.