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Things you must do in Sri Lanka – Attractions that will keep you glued to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers a dizzying number of things to do and see. From the latest additions like Lotus Tower to romantic dinners to taking safari at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka brings you many diversions.


Visit Yala National Park

This is where you can have a Sri Lankan safari experience. The Indian Ocean borders the park on one side. It nurtures a diverse range of ecosystems and boasts of a combination of marine life, tropical rainforests and grasslands. Yala National Park is known for frequent sightings of crocodiles, elephants and leopards; it is also home to over 200 bird species, some of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. Its flora and fauna are the main draws; however, Yala National Park is also home to two religious sites: Magul Vihara and Situlpahuwa.


Lotus Tower

The tallest free-standing structure in Sri Lanka, Lotus Tower was opened in 2019. This is one of the mind-blowing creations in Sri Lanka built in the shape of a lotus. The tower stands at the height of 368 meters and overlooks the entire capital. Lotus Towers offers the best views in Colombo along with excellent photo opportunities. The base of the tower is occupied by a shopping mall, and the tower is facilitated by elevators. The revolving restaurant at the top is ideal for romantic dinners. The exterior of the tower is decorated with LED lighting; if you visit in the evening or on special holidays, you can enjoy amazing light shows.


National Museum

The National Museum of Colombo is one of the valued places in Sri Lanka. This large museum is what gives people an insight into Sri Lanka's history. It holds an exceptional collection of things including coins, jewellery, various crafts and arms. There are several floors containing natural and cultural exhibits. Everything is showcased in the chronological order; a tour begins with the island's prehistoric era. The building itself is an attraction; it is a Victorian-era building that was built for the purpose of housing a museum.


Sigiriya Rock Fortress

While in Sri Lanka, visiting this outstanding historic creation is a must. Sigiriya Rock Fortress was built during the 4th and 5th centuries, and now it's been reduced to ruins. Giant frescoes adorn the mountain, and once you are halfway through the climb, you see a giant getaway that resembles a lion. The fortress is an excellent example of ancient Sri Lankan architecture.


Negombo Beach

If you are in Sri Lanka on business and don't have much time to spare, the least you can do is visit Negombo beach. Negombo is a small coastal town loved by tourists. Its close proximity to the airport has made the town a tourist destination. You can find many Sri Lanka hotels here including the ones subsidized by Heritance Hotels Sri Lanka.


Galle Dutch Fort

Sri Lanka is a mix of everything, and colonial architecture is part of that mix; this is witnessed nowhere better than in Galle. Galle Dutch Fort is a marvellous creation that takes you back to the colonial era of Sri Lanka. The fort is not only a fort, but it is also a small village protected by strong walls. Within these walls, you find churches, mosques, shops and private homes.


Pedro Tea Estate

Sri Lanka's up-country temptations are plenty, and Pedro Tea Estate is one of them. Tea was an unknown commodity to Sri Lankan people until the 19th century. The British decided that Sri Lanka has nourishing grounds for tea and decided to plant tea here. Since that time, Sri Lanka has been producing tea, and Sri Lankan tea has gained a reputation in the world.