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Updated by Joanna James on Apr 22, 2020
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05 Best Things To Do in Otaru -The pro trip planner

If you are planning on going to Otaru anytime soon and are at a loss for what you must to do when you get there, read on.


Try The Icecream Here

If you are in Otaru, then you definitely must try the ice cream at a warehouse which dates back to 1892. This ancient icecream house is known for its amazing creamy ice, especially for the unique flavours it offers. You might have not even heard of these flavours before this trip to Japan. Some of the most unique ones are made with squid ink and is completely black in colour. You might think this would taste bitter but in fact, it is extremely sweet in flavour. If you feel a bit adventurous during your trip you can also try the sea urchin flavour. If you are not in the mood for adventurous ice cream, stick to the nice fruity flavours or the typical chocolates. If you are staying at an Otaru hotel near Jr Station the likes of Grand Park Otaru, this ice cream warehouse is just a short cab ride away.


Walk Along The Otaru Canal

No trip to Otaru is complete without you visiting the major attraction which was built in the year 1923. This peaceful-looking waterway has banks alongside it, and during the evenings, the whole place is lit up to create a beautiful ambience that is also romantic in its own way.


The Glass Products

This part of Japan is known for its glass producing techniques, like oil lamps and glass balls. When you are in Otaru, you will also be able to explore the wide range of decorative glass items that can be found all over the town. You will also be able to purchase some of these glass items and take it back home as a souvenir. If you are interested, you can also attend the workshop at these glass warehouses and learn how to blow your own glass items.


Take A Look At The Museum

If you are the kind of traveller that likes to know about the history of the town or a country you are visiting then you definitely must take a look at the Museum in the town. This Museum is also found inside of a warehouse and was built around the 1800s.


Take A Look At The Steam Clock

This is one of the major attractions in town and the steam clock is known to be the pride of the city. Definitely known to be an iconic sight, you surely must not miss this when you are in town. The clock actually came to Japan from Canada as it was a gift from Vancouver. Even today, this iconic clock is powered by steam and nothing else. People gather to watch this clock every 15 minutes because when it chimes the 15-minute mark, it also whistles and lets out a lot of steam. This will make for a great picture if you have the patience to time it well.

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