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Updated by Dan King on Apr 14, 2013
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gleanings along The Way, volume one

This list is curated by the editorial team and contributors to share the content and discussions that we've found most interesting during the past week.

On The Verge: A Ferrier Village Update - Help One Now

Ferrier Village is a refuge for orphaned children who have been rescued from traffickers, or are at a high risk of being trafficked. It is a place where these children will be cared for and restored to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. One year ago, Ferrier Village was still just an idea.

Are We Singing the Right Song?

My husband and I shopped for a while before eventually settling on a largish church in town, namely because it was big enough for me to get lost in the crowd. After all, I wasn't exactly a model church-goer. I wasn't even sure I believed in God.

Seth Haines | Coarse Labors, Neo-Colonialism, and the Death of Beauty

I have watched good people set themselves to good work- the good work of orphan care, poverty relief, missionary work, and defending particular doctrinal dogmas ad nauseam. They have poured themselves out like martyrs, many of them, and martyrs they have become, though not in the traditional sense.

Jennifer Lee l #TellHisStory: When the Lights Go Out

The house went dark hours ago, so we sit in the glow of candlelight, shining up faces and making shadows dance on the wall. I tap out a few words on my iPhone because the computers are down. Listen now: flicker of the flame on wicks, ice pelting the windows like chatter of nature.

Lisa Notes: When you don't know what to say

I'm never quite sure what to say. I don't know what to say this Saturday morning either when I walk up to their makeshift table shaded under the overpass where they are eating biscuits and white gravy and ham brought to them by another group of Christ-followers and eating hot Krispy Kreme donuts brought to them by the group in our van.

Holding the Story

I have loved telling my students how journalists are the first eyewitnesses to history, and the first people to share it with the world. How we go into State Capitol press conferences one day, and roadside diners the next day, because that's where the news got made.

"Zion & Babylon" Josh Garrels 2010

This isn't a new thing, but I had a great discussion with a small group this week that reminded me of this song. One of my all-time favorites!

When Faith is Hard

Just. Amen. I think we've all been in this place before, haven't we?

What Christians Need to Know about Mental Health

Dear Church, Cancer can be deadly and so can depression. So can the dark and the shame and the crush of a thousand skeletons, a thousand millstones, a thousand internal infernos. We could tell you what we know. That -- depression is like a room engulfed in flames and you

Dusty Rayburn l Worth Struggling For

I've sat here for several minutes trying to put my thoughts into words. It's a struggle, and that is not like me. There's been a lot lately that is just 'not like me'. There is nothing overtly wrong, well except for one thing.

4 Ways You Can End Slavery

Today has been declared Shine A Light On Slavery Day by the folks at the End It Movement. Doing my part, here's some light on the subject of slavery, its causes and four things you can do today to help end it. What I've Seen Of Slavery INDIA 2009.

Staff Meeting

As a writer I need structure, whether or not I want it at any given time. So I have a morning routine that is supposed to give me a good start to my day, energizing me for the segue into my "office" hours. I start with a leisurely breakfast, complete with coffee and newspaper.