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Things To Do While You're Stuck In Your Apartment | Apartminty

Starting to get stir crazy? Here are 5 things to do while you are stuck in your apartment during the stay at home order.

Coronavirus Safety Tips in Your Apartment - Rent Blog

These are uncertain times, but there are steps you can take to keep you and your family safe. Here are some important coronvirus safety tips to follow.

Things To Look For When Buying An Apartment Complex - Team

Purchasing real estate can be a good investment. If you are already in the real estate game, there is a good chance that your goal is to acquire an apartment complex at some point. The returns on owning an apartment complex can be great, which is why owning an apartment building is often thought to be the gold standard when it comes to investing in real estate.

5 Things Your Property Manager Wants You To Know During the Coronavirus Pandemic |

A lot of people are struggling financially due to coronavirus, but there are laws in place to protect you. And most property managers will be on your side.

5 Tips to Keep Your Rental Safe and Healthy During COVID-19 

Here are five tips to keep your rental safe, healthy and clean during COVID-19 from a veteran property manager and owner.

Social Distancing Laundry Tips for Your Apartment Community - Rent Blog

It's more important than ever to maintain good health, and that means changing the way we do everyday things. Here are some social distancing laundry tips.

How to Safely Get Your Mail While Social Distancing - Rent Blog

It can be challenging to practice mail safety during these unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic. But we've got some tips to help you.

5 Things Landlords Can Do To Help Support Their Tenants During These Unknown Times - Multifamily Blogs

Since the early part of the year, the news about the Coronavirus has continued to spread. With all of the unknowns about this virus, it can be challenging to navigate what you should be doing as a property owner to help support your tenants during th

Ways Your Apartment Life Needs to Change Because of the Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our lives in just a matter of weeks. With potentially several more weeks to go of sheltering in place, now’s a good time to realize that many aspects of apartment living will be different going forward.

5 Ways To Keep Your Rental Property Safe During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Multifamily Blogs

There are daily updates about the current spread of the Coronavirus. Since this disease is spread between people who come in close contact with one another, apartment complexes and other types of shared living spaces pose a risk of a tenant who is in

5 Reasons You Should Buy vs. Rent Your Furniture

Need furniture? We cover everything you need to know to buy vs. rent your furniture. Buying is usually the best investment, but what's right for you?

How to Exercise Outside While Social Distancing | Apartminty

If you are at a loss of things that you can do to stay in shape, here are a few fun ideas that you can practice while still maintaining social distance. 

5 Ways Property Managers Can Help Tenants Who Have Been Laid Off

Here are 5 ways property managers can help tenants who might have been paid off and who may be struggling right now during covid-19.

Date Night During COVID | Apartminty

Continuing with Date Night is a great way to be intentional about connecting and creating some romance no matter what else is going on in the world.

5 Types of Problem Tenants and How to Deal with Them - Multifamily Blogs

Property management is as equally tasking as it is rewarding. However, for most property managers, bad tenants are the most prominent and also the most common challenge. Even with the best tenant screening system in place, these problematic tenants c

29 Things Everyone From Detroit Knows to Be True - Rent Blog

You may think you know everything about Detroit from watching "8 Mile," but that doesn't scratch the surface. These are the Detroit facts worth knowing.

How to Communicate With Tenants During COVID-19 - Multifamily Blogs

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, pretty much all aspects of life have been forever changed. So, what does that mean for business owners and their management teams? Well, as the economy continues to take a hit, unemployment rates rise, recently re