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Updated by Mike Callahan on Apr 22, 2020
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5 Most Endangered Species of Mammals

Everywhere in the world animals and plants are suffering because of the actions of man. Deforestation as well as the rapid urbanization have resulted in the creation of serious threats for biodiversity across the planet. In addition to all of these, the use of plastic has also created significant problems for the environment. Many species of animals and plants have become extinct because of this. The article below provides some information about 5 of the most endangered species of mammals in the world.


Javan rhinoceros

This is known to be one of the rarest large mammals in the word. Javan rhinoceros is listed as a critically endangered species in the world today. Only about 68 individuals are known to be living in the wild. There aren’t any living in captivity too. These beautiful creatures are commonly hunted for their horns. In addition to poaching, the Javan rhinos face challenges as there is significant loss of habitat. The only population of Javan rhino can be found in the Ujung Kulong National Park in Java.


Sri Lankan elephants

Sri Lankan elephant is yet another magnificent giant facing major risks today. For years, a human elephant conflict has taken place in the country which has resulted in the loss of lives of both parties. Today there are many organizations and companies in the country which seek to promote the safety of Sri Lankan elephants. These are some of the biggest mammals in Sri Lanka. You will be able to see large numbers of them during the dry season on Minneriya National Park. You can also learn more about the Sri Lanka elephant conservation projects as you research online.


Mountain gorillas

Only about 1000 mountain gorillas are known to exist in the world today. This is indeed a sad situation. But of course there is good news too, as the numbers of mountain gorillas have doubled since the year 1981. If these conservation efforts continue, we may have a chance of saving this species from extinction. Today mountain gorillas have moved from critically endangered to endangered in the IUCN Red List.



These stealthy big cats are also facing lots of challenges in the world. It is said that at the beginning of the 20th century around 100,000 tigers were living in the world. But today, sadly around 4000 of them are known to be living in the wild. Habitat destruction is one of the biggest challenges that these creatures are facing today. Poaching is yet another problem that the animals are facing.


Snow leopards

Wild snow leopards who are found in 12 countries in Central Asia are also facing major challenges in the wild. Poachers shoot these snow leopards down in order to keep livestock safe. This is one of the biggest reasons why the snow leopard is facing challenges for survival in the modern day.