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Top 4 Festivals Celebrated in Thailand – Time to soak in the best Festivals of Thailand

Along with the stunning showcase of wildlife, natural ecosystems, beaches as well as wildlife what makes Thailand one of the most vibrant places to visit on earth is its rich cultural history that many Thai people celebrate each year with a spectrum of festivities!


The Water Festival of Songkran

One of the most recognized festivals in Thailand and possibly the world, this 3-day water fights draws out people of all ages and backgrounds. Celebrated on the 13th of April every year, with a 5-day holiday enacted by the government so that people may visit their families to enjoy the occasion together with their loved ones. This holiday is in recognition of the Thai New Year, during which people will visit temples to make offerings to monks a form of merit making and the washing of Buddha statues to symbolise one's own purification from sin and misfortune. With many of the streets being shut down to accommodate the water fights that take place with city infrastructure as the main arenas including streets near the Avani Khon Kaen Hotel & Convention Centre.


Phi Ta Khon, The Ghost Festival

This electric festival is one with an interesting background. It is said that one day there was a party in the town of Dan Sai that was so amazing that everyone, living and dead included, wanted to be a part of the festivities. The Ghost festival is fairly easy to access, one simply has to take a bus from either Chiang Mai or Bangkok and the festivities take place on the 6th full moon of the lunar calendar. Many people will dress up in brilliantly decorated masks that represent ghosts of fantastic shapes and sizes throughout the duration of the 3-day holiday filled with traditional activities and irresistible party environment.


The Lantern Festival

If at a hotel in Khon Kaen then simply hop on a plane to check out what is easily, one of the most recognizable festivals from Thailand, this brilliant and awe-inspiring display for flying lights take place on the 12-lunar month of every year. Every November people flock to Chiang Mai to get a glimpse of hundreds of lanterns being lit up and lifted away to the air brings about an outpouring of stunning photos that mesmerize any that lays eyes upon them. This festival stems from the belief of the locals that the full moon is the best time to make merits during their lives so floating off your lantern over the Ping river would bring you merit and good fortune in the coming new year.


Boon Bang Fai the Rocket Festival

In the list of eccentric yet exciting festivals being celebrated in Thailand, one of the oddest may be considered the Rocket festival of the ethnic Lao people. Taking place in many regions this festival is one that is celebrated with many musical and dance performances, floats with it all culminating in a stunning and explosive competitive show down of homemade rockets! Being quite the popular attraction, the competitive day is sponsored by brands and businesses to enhance their social standing in the community!