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Updated by Joanna James on Apr 22, 2020
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Useful Tips for Your Visit to Bangkok - Top Travel Guidelines for a Bangkok Holiday

As one of Asia's most popular holiday hotspots Bangkok welcomes visitors from nearly every corner of the world. Here are some practical travel tips for first time visitors heading to the Thai capital.


Have a Map on Hand

Bangkok can be an overwhelmingly large and confusing city for the uninitiated. This is why carrying a map of the city is essential for travellers. Make sure the map you have on hand is up to date as road names, expressways and other designations often change names in Bangkok and most guidebooks will not be able to encompass all of these changes. Finding a map with English and Thai street names indicated will also prove useful as most street names are written in Thai script.


Avoid Scams

The Thai capital is synonymous with scammers trying to swindle tourists into paying more for various tourist activities and sightseeing excursions. Don't' be surprised to find locals who insist that certain attractions are closed on certain days and tuk tuk drivers who do not drive metered taxis so they can set the price of the journey. While it is not necessary to be cynical about everyone who approaches travellers on the street, it is important to be weary and to take the information imparted with a grain of salt.


Haggle Politely

Bangkok's thriving weekend and night markets are some of the best bargain hubs in the city. In addition to offering travellers a plethora of products, the attractive price points is what draws many tourists to these maze like thoroughfares in Bangkok. Haggling is the norm in most local markets but tourists should have the right attitude and composure to pull off a good deal without offending local vendors. Smile and be polite during the bargaining process and never lose your temper.


Have a Game Plan

While Bangkok is a city that's ideal for walkers and those who wish to explore sights on foot, it is important to plan ahead when stepping out in the Thai capital. The traffic jams and the large crowds that occupy certain areas of the city during specific times of the day can put a damper on an otherwise pleasant day of shopping or sightseeing so avoid unnecessary hassle by planning in advance. Figure out a convenient tour with an online or physical map and try to cover highlights in the same area on the same day.


Sign Up for an Organized Tour

The best way to see Bangkok's main attractions including the Grand Palace and iconic temples the likes of Wat Arun and Wat Pho is to enlist the help of a local tour agency. An organized tour not only allows visitors to cover all the major landmarks in one excursion but also learn a great deal more about the locations thanks to the tour guides that are provided as a part of the experience. Those based at Avani Hotels & Resorts or any other chains and best hotels in Thailand will find that certain resorts also offer their own outbound excursions.