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Headline for 04 Reasons to visit Botswana, one of Africa’s great safari destinations – In the mighty jungles of Botswana!
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04 Reasons to visit Botswana, one of Africa’s great safari destinations – In the mighty jungles of Botswana!

With a collection of data points like the world's highest concentration of African elephants as well over 350 species of majestic bird species and grasslands as well as desert areas, visiting Botswana is an easy choice for those who need to get engaged with nature and the sights it has to offer.


Game viewing in the Okavango Delta

Many who book a safari do so in the hopes of having a great day of excursions into the Okavango Delta in order to get a look at the teeming wildlife in the area. With a selection of either truck drives, bush walks and mokoro trips amongst the many tributaries and water bodies of the delta there is certainly something to suit the needs of anyone visiting. As one of Africa's largest and most spectacular waterbody, this verdant oasis is filled with wildlife in such concentration making it one of the most spectacular places on Earth for observing wildlife.


Elephant spotting by boat cruises

It is not exaggeration to say that Botswana has the largest collection of African elephants in the world, with over 130,000 elephants, it accounts to a large portion of elephant populations on the entire continent. Many visitors will choose to travel along the Chobe River to get a glimpse of these animals, the largest variation of the elephant species. During the dry season, people will flock onto the boats, with a drink and a pair of binoculars in hand as the animals all walk to the shorelines to quench their thirst. There is really no more stunning vision than the sight of the setting sun over the Botswana savannah as the silhouettes of elephant's trudge along the small islands in the river. Many people staying at hotels close to the reserves, like the Avani Gaborone Resort & Casino will make prior booking to ensure that they get to experience this journey first hand!


Canoeing on the Selinda Spillway

For those who appreciate a truly up close and adventurous form of outdoor excursion, then the canoeing portion of a visit to Botswana's natural life is going to be a good fit. It places people out in the true African wilderness and makes for a truly exhilarating experience. As people paddles along the newly created Selinda Spillway, it is easy to appreciate the true vastness of the geography. With a sun blazing overhead, the sounds of wildlife on either side and the gentle sound of paddles hitting the water will easily enthral you with the sights of wildlife on the shoreline, an experience that is hard to forget.


Mobile camping

With much of Botswana and its natural ecosystems being designated into protected sanctuaries, there is plenty of opportunity and freedom to set up camp amidst the wilderness and set up camp with the help of a camping operator from any of the hotels in Gaborone, Botswana. Once you have set up your camp, fully equipped with netting, beds and lounge chairs, it is easy to rest assured that a wonderful experience is in store given that this may be one of the best places in the world to set up camp and simply explore the landscapes that neighbour the camp sight. People typically opt for the a more accommodating style of camping but some may also choose to take on a barer boned approach but all is the same when the overwhelming power of the wildlife makes itself known in the rustling of the trees or a distance rumbling roar.